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Security BSides Athens | Status: ..stay tuned, we are setting it up! *


when:  Saturday, 25 June 2016 
where: Athens, Greece 
cost: Free (You will need to book a ticket in advance)
URL: www.bsidesath.gr

@BSidesAth  |  hashtags: #BSidesAth, #BSidesAthens

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=8411384  |  short URL: goo.gl/coUx5J
Facebook: www.fb.com/BSidesAthens  |  short URL: goo.gl/i1dgyI



Invite your friends, tweet, re-tweet and post this on Social Media:

" Come to @BSidesAth > Saturday, 25/JUN/2016 : Security BSides in Athens, Greece! #BSidesAth #BSidesAthens | www.bsidesath.gr "


If you need a copy of our logo for sharing and promoting the BSides Athens event, you can find it in three different dimension in the following links (higher resolution logos available if needed, contact us). 

Logo Dimensions: 500x500, 250x250, 150x150




Sponsorship Levels
  • After Party (x1) :  EY





Name  Twitter e-mail   responsibility 
Dr. Grigorios Fragkos  @drgfragkos  info @ bsidesath.gr Organiser 
Dina Gavanozi @Dina_Gkavanozi info @ bsidesath.gr Event Management
Dr. Olga Angelopoulou @OlgaAngel cfp @ bsidesath.gr Call for Presentations (CFP)
  Review Committee (see below)   -
  Call for Presentations (CFP)
...[Looking for Volunteers]    speakers @ bsidesath.gr Speakers
...[Looking for Volunteers]    sponsors @ bsidesath.gr Sponsors
Ferrach-Zoi Fragkou  @_ferrach  staff @ bsidesath.gr Volunteers
Eleni Vasilakopoulou @valhelenia tickets @ bsidesath.gr Tickets
...[Looking for Volunteers]    feedback @ bsidesath.gr Feedback
    info @ bsidesath.gr General Inquires, Ideas, Suggestions, etc..
Dr. Kosta Xynos @kxynos sysadmin @ bsidesath.gr SysAdmin
Nikos Kokorelis - -   3D Animation
Dimitris Mitrou - -   Developer 
Ferrach-Zoi Fragkou @_ferrach
  Graphics Design



Review Committee 


Name  Title  further info sector
Professor Iain Sutherland

Digital Forensics, Noroff University College, Norway

Adjunct Professor Edith Cowan University, Perth Australia

Kristiansand, Norway


Lieutenant Colonel

Dr. Huw Read

Associate Professor and Director of the Norwich University Center

for Advanced Computing and Digital Forensics 

Vermont, USA  A, M
Dr. Theodore Tryfonas  Senior Lecturer is Systems Engineering, CyberSecurity & Smart Cities, University of Bristol Bristol, United Kingdom A
Dr. Konstantinos Lambrinoudakis Associate Professor at University of Piraeus
Dept. of Digital Systems
Athens, Greece A
Dr. Spyros Kokolakis Assistant Professor at University of the Aegean
Dept. of Information and Communication Systems Engineering 
Director, Information Systems Lab
Samos, Greece

Lieutenant Colonel

Panagiotis Sianas

HAISC Information Security Officer & Head of CyberDefense Department , HAGS

Hellenic Army Informatics Support Center (HAICS)

Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS)

Athens, Greece M
Dimitrios Petropoulos Principal Advisor, Cyber Defence Services, Information Protection & Business Resilience, KPMG London, UK I
Kostas Papadatos President, (ISC)2 Hellenic Chapter Athens, Greece I
Ari Davies Senior Manager, Head of Red Teaming and Covert Operations, Risk Services, Deloitte Amsterdam, Holland I
Stefano Ciminelli Executive Director, Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, Advisory Services, EY
Brussels, Belgium
Dimitrios Sarris Senior Manager, Cyber Risk Assessment, DarkMatter LL
Abu Dhabi, UAE  I
Dini Martini Product House PMO, Unify Athens, Greece  I

*sector: (A)cademia, (I)ndustry, (M)ilitary



Registered Volunteers*


  •  add yourself... (email us and get yourself registered as a volunteer, to help out on the day!)



* Security BSides Athens is a Information Security event "..from the community, for the community"! If you would like to participate in our efforts to bring this event in Athens, just express your interest by sending us an email. People who would like to volunteer can send an email to the staff email. (see email address in the organisers table above).  We welcome your help, contribution and participation. Stay tuned! 

Visit our website and download the event's mobile application that has the track schedule, how to get to the event, and all the information needed in updated in real time. 



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