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Event details


An ecclectic gathering of infosec people to hear awesome talks and have outrageously fun discussions! Our mission is to provide an inclusive, open environment for the sharing and collaborative discourse on topics that most interest you.


It was great, which you know if you were there.  And yes, there will be one next year.  If you have thoughts, comments, complaints, suggestions- or would like to volunteer, let us know.  Join the BSides mailing list, or send a message to feedback(at)keepsecurityweird.org


When: Saturday, March 13, 2010


Where: Norris Conference Centers, Austin, Texas (behind Guitar Center)


Photos and video clips:



Hackers on a Duck Links:

Austin Cosmic Cowboy Tour (After-hours Duck tour operator)

Leeann Atherton (Singer/songwriter, the evening's entertainer)


Event Registration

To better facilitate event planning (think food!), please register at Event Brite using the following links:

Event Promotion

Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: "#BSidesAustin March 13, 2010: Keep Security Weird - http://bit.ly/BSdAus"


Audio Recordings of Presentations:



Watch Live 



Watch live streaming video from securitybsides at livestream.com




A special thank you to Kaliya/Identity Woman for donating her time to kickoff this experiment in the unconference format.


Please thank our sponsors for #BSidesAustin!!! They've made this event possible.




Individual: Rocky DeStefano



Mike Wyatt with Deloitte & Touche LLP








Session / Room
Track A (Traditional)
Breakout B-1 (CONE OF SILENCE!!)

Breakout B-2

Breakout B3
10:30-11:30 Supercharged Password Cracking (Rick Redman)   Getting more out of app vuln scan results (Dan Cornell)  
11:30-12:30 Open Ounce Static Cide Analysis (Matt Parson) Rugged Manifesto Security Podcasting (Andrew Borel) SIEM (Rocky DeStefano)
12:30-2 *** LUNCH ***

Defeating Google's Human Manual Review Team (RSnake)


The Young and the Restless (JSokoly)

Security That Works Web App (In)security on a Tight Budget (Jason Jones)  
3-4 AppSec for the InfoSec Prof (Andre Gironda)   Hardware Hijinx (@hypatiadotca)  
4-5 Being Inbred / Group Think (Vik Phatak)   Hackerspace How-To (@hypatiadotca) How I learned to stop worrying and love losing my personal privacy. OR The Google-induced personal privacy slow-leak.
Closing *** FINAL THOUGHTS ***
~6:20pm "Hackers on a Duck"



The schedule for the day was set at 10am.


This event will employ a dual-track system. We will provide a traditional lecture-style meeting space and an unconference style discussion space. Please come prepared with ideas, talks, and topics for the schedule-setting session at 10am! If you get your idea, talk, or topic up on the grid, then you will get a chance to participate!


If you have a talk prepared, particularly geared toward the traditional lecture track, please list your ideas on the BSides Austin Talks page.


Do you have a topic you'd like to discuss or hear more about? Add it to the Proposed Unconference Topics below. We will also provide a means for "Cone of Silence" session where frank and open discussions can occur without the incursion of recordings and bearing in mind strict respect for confidentiality of information.


General Schedule Logistics


Given that we're meeting from 10am to roughly 5pm, we have approximately 7 hours to program in 2 adjoining rooms. If we need to break for lunch, then that will likely be reduced to 6 hours, give or take, plus subtract 30 minutes for schedule-setting at the beginning and 30 minutes for closure at the end, bringing us to 5 solid hours of content. This means we can easily accommodate 5 50-minute lectures in one room, and 5x2 or more discussion groups in the other room (depending on how we're able to break things out - figure minimum 5x2, possibly up to 5x4). Thus, we're looking at a minimum schedule space for 5 full-length talks (which can be subdivided) and at least 10 discussion groups during the day.


Proposed Unconference Topics

  • It is during SxSW Interactive, privacy would be a good topic, no?
  • AppSec
  • Whatever cool hackery you are up to
  • add your topic...


Day 1 (the only one!)


  • Morning: It is a Saturday, and the first day of Spring Break- so we'll start the sessions at 10:00am.


  • Lunch: The conference center is near several dining options (we're also getting an estimate from the Norris center).


  • Afternoon: Sessions continue until around 5:00, then a little socializing until...


  • Breaks: We will take regular breaks, and are also working to setup coffee/tea/juice for morning and afternoon.


  • Evening/Party Hackers on a Duck! We have reserved the Austin Cosmic Cowboy Tour (http://www.austincosmiccowboy.com/) for the evening, they will pick us up at the conference center and return us there after the tour.  The trip includes beverages, food, music, and a stop at a local watering hole.  We have enough sponsorship to *almost* cover the expense- so we will ask participants to pay $15 per person to help stretch the budget.  We have a hard limit of 25 riders, but there are still a couple of seats open.
  • Hackers on a Duck does provide some drinks (beer, wine, limited liquor, soft drinks, water, etc.), but you are welcome to BYOB if you are picky and/or very thirsty.




  • Jack Daniel
  • Ben Tomhave
  • Unnamed heros!



  • Sam Van Ryder (I WILL be able to make this - want to help! sam@vanryder.net)
  • Joseph Sokoly (I'll be coming into town Friday evening)
  • Jason Jones  (live in the area, let me know of any pre-event needs)
  • reverse (Got a decent sized crew who will be stoked to know this is going on, and happy to help.  Contact me if you need us)
  • JT Keating (As I told Jack, CoreTrace is right here in the ATX, so please let us know what you need...)
  • Andrew Borel (I'm willing to lend a hand if needed.)
  • Larry Moore (I live in the area)
  • Gregory A. Genung (Denim Group)
  • John Dickson (Denim Group)
  • Wendy Nather (close to
  • Todd Kimball (Fixer)




"Official" registration is closed - please just show up! :)


Task List

(please -cross out- when it's done)




Wifi (Provided by venue)

Projector, White Boards (venue provided)

Photo - Jason Jones (Will bring my DSLR but probably a good idea to have more than just me w/a camera)

Video - Todd Kimball

Audio - Todd Kimball (6 channel mixer, 2 mics, and cables, but no amp or speakers)

Streaming or Stickam or Skype - Todd Kimball





Lunch (plenty of cheap eats in the area)

Coffee/Tea (Need sponsor)

Tables and chairs (venue provided)



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Please use the tag #BSidesAustin for content related to this event


Who's blogging?

I'd be glad to blog the event or assist (Keith @tsudo)

Comments (1)

Brian Milliron said

at 11:57 pm on Mar 11, 2010

I'd like to present my talk on Sat, but 10 AM is a little early for me unless there are going to be Hooter's girls hot oil wrestling. If there is another way to schedule besides show up at 10 and stick around until its your turn, I'd like do that. I can speak any time after lunch.

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