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BSides Bay Area 2009 


When: Saturday, December 12, 2009 @ 10am - 5pm

Where: HackerDojo, 140 S. Whisman Rd, Mountain View, CA 94041 [map]


RSVP: Facebook or LinkedIn or here (see below)


Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: "#BSidesBay December 12: Discover the next big thing! Hackers, BBQ & fun! http://bit.ly/BSidesBay









Day 1


  • 09:00 - 10:00 :: Arrive, checkin, and talk proposals
  • 10:00 - 12:00 :: Morning panels
    • 10am: "OWASP & WASC: Impacts on web application security automation"
    • 11am: "Keeping Users Secure on Open Platforms"
  • 12:00 - 13:00 :: BBQ lunch provided
  • 13:00 - 17:00 :: Afternoon talks (as organized by the participants)
  • 17:00 - 18:00 :: Wrap-up: Chaos, socializing, lightning talks, rock band


Why is there no speaker schedule?

Very good question.  The reason is because barcamp style events are not made up of one person presenting to an entire audience.  Instead they are made up of different break-out groups that will discuss and colaborate on ideas surrounding an agreed upon topic.


  1. During the morning arrival time participants will begin writing their ideas of interest to them on stickies and paste them on the wall.  As we get more and more ideas we will begin to arrange them into different Topic Areas. 
    • These Topic Areas will become our afternoon sessions. We will probably end up with 3 timeslots and 2-4 tracks (Topic Areas) per timeslot. We will dynamically adjust based on demand.
  2. At 10am we will start our two scheduled panels.  These panels will have a moderator to ask questions of the panelists but the audience is strongly encouraged to particiapte.
  3. After lunch we'll start our sessions:
    1. People will check out the session wall and gravitate to the Topic Areas they are most interested in. 
    2. The Topic Area groups will discuss, illustrate, brainstorm, and debate on the area of interest for an hour.
    3. Larger group will reconvene to share highlights from their Topic Area.
    4. If <5pm, then go to i. Else, wrap up sessions.  GOTO PlayRockband!


Potential Ideas


  • Lightining Talks (10 Minute Talks)
  • BOF Groups? This helps keeping things non-formal. 





  • Mike Dahn
  • Trey Ford
  • Ally Miller
  • Quinton Jones




Not sure how to add your name to the list? Read the FAQ.


First Name Last Name Twitter/Email Stuff you know about Stuff you want to learn about
Mike Dahn @sfoak Secure payments, Chaordic design, B-Sides Social media privacy
Raffael Marty @zrlram Visualization, Cloud Development, Log Mgmt, Data Analysis Large-scale, secure cloud architectures
Brett Hardin @miscsecurity    
Mike Murray @mmurray Social Engineering  
Jennifer Leggio @mediaphyter    
Gilles de Bordeaux      
Quinton Jones @415    
Aaron Sigel  @diretraversal     
Martin McKeay @mckeay    
David  Snyder  david@42tek.com  credit card processing; healthcare payments  orgs that need my "get it done" consulting services 
Paul Caloca LinkedIn    
Trey Ford @treyford    
Nick  Bilogorskiy  @belogor     
Window Snyder @window    
Johnnie  Pittman  @dtjedi     
Joe  White  @cyberlocksmith  pen testing, web security, current threat landscape how to be proactive at addressing future attack vectors, techniques and mitigation.  where are we headed?  what do we need to start preparing for now?
David  Mackey  @tdmackey     
Wade Millican @wadeis Wireless networking  
Ally Miller @selenakyle

Risk analysis, Pattern recognition,

Securing e-commerce/payments

Community-based security research projects
Kaelin  Colclasure  LinkedIn     
Ryan Lowe @RoomieGunns PCI, Performance, Databases  
Gordon Lyon @nmap Port scanning  
Jason Craig @3141592f


Todd Jarvis @packet_storm  


Christian Wright @curiosityorg    


Lidzborski LinkedIn Network, Linux, webapps and SSL  
Robert Auger @robertauger Appsec and SDLC Anything interesting
Ryan Russell @ryanlrussell Networking, Reverse Engineering  
Chris Paget @ChrisPaget  RFID, EMV, Hardware security  Hardware hacking & solutions development
Ryan Lackey @octal doing bad things to bad people hardware security modules, low power RF protocols
Paul Lambert @nymble network and wireless security, whitespace, smartgrid


Love Hörnquist Ã…strand   Kerberos, stuff  
Scott Kelly LinkedIn network, platform security

All manner of security geekery

Garrett Gee @infosecevents Social Media, Penetration Testing  
Devin Ertel @devinertel    
Peter Kim   XSS like no other  
Peter Kacherginsky   Cooookies, Search Engines, Wireless, SSL, Wardialing RFID
Marisa Fagan @dewzi @errata SocMed threats, SDL InfoSec university programs, SDLC, WiFi, Google's restaurants
Michael Katsevman    


Ed Segura esegura@computer.org Fuzz testing. Secure development practices, Security of WebServices/SOA,
Pradeep Surgimath LinkedIn   RFID
Chris Christianson @cchristianson    


Jason Corwin @mp3jeep01  

Security in general

Alex Begun @synapsr I know that I know nothing  
Jacques Vidrine      



Task List

(please add your name beside the item you will coordinate/bring/handle)




Projector - Ryan Russell (loaner for the day)

Video -- someone have a video camera they can connect to a laptop for Ustream of the event??

Self-stick Easel Wall Pads (x5) -- Ryan Russell

Markers: dry erase and normal (x5 sets) -- Ryan Russell

Name tags (50) -- Ryan Lowe

Audio (headset and speaker) -- Allison

Rock Band -- Trey

Big Green Egg -- Trey




White Boards (x4) -- ?? 

Tables and chairs -- We need 40 folding chairs (preferably as a donation to the Dojo) 

Bean bag chairs (optional) -- ??

Coffee (Philz) -- Mike

White Tea -- Robert A.

Food/beverages -- Quinton/Allison




Since this is a BBQ we plan on smoking a massive amount of meat.  Please bring anything else you  want to smoke or require from a dietary perspective.  If you're vegitarian then suggest auto second hand(add to the list)  any veggies you like.  If you're vegan... well... bring cookies.  Vegan cookies are sooooo good.


Tags for flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc.

Please use the tag #BSidesBay for content related to this event.


Getting to BSidesBay

The Basics


The Hacker Dojo is @ 140 South Whisman Road in Mountain View, CA [map]


Ride shares & Caravans (Ride wanted, ride available...edit below)

  • Caltrain pick-ups?
  • San Francisco: @octal willing to drive 1-3 people down from SoMA on Saturday.
  • Santa Cruz: @dewzi willing to drive 1-3 in the Los Gatos-UCSC area


Session Topics and Notes

To be added on 12/12

Comments (3)

Marisa Fagan said

at 1:42 am on Dec 9, 2009

Under potential ideas, what are BOF Groups? (Bring Own Fun?)

AllyMiller said

at 1:45 am on Dec 9, 2009

Marisa -- birds of a feather. But I like 'bring own fun' as a secondary meaning. :-)

chipmonkey said

at 10:15 pm on Dec 19, 2009

Greetings everyone - photos are up: http://flickr.com/gp/chipmonkey/3bcW44

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