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BSides Event Host Commitment


This document is intended to facilitate good communication and set reasonable expectations between event hosts and the Security BSides organization. 


NOTE: this page is now obsolete


6 months prior to the event date:

  • The event host organizer needs to complete a BSides New Event Questionnaire and submit a signed copy of this agreement by email to: info (at) SecurityBSides (dot) org.
  • Join the BSides Organizers mailing list.  You should reach out to these people with questions and not struggle alone.
  • The organizer should begin looking for sponsors and a location/venue immediately!  Leverage other organizers, your extended contacts and community.  Obtain, customize, and send your prospective sponsors a copy of the Sponsorship Kit.  Have them sign and return the contract pages (all of them).
  • Begin your budget planning!
  • Involve others!  You should not try to do it all alone.  Involve at least 2+ other individuals who will help out with various event planning tasks.


5 months prior to the event date:

  • A location must be secured and proof of event insurance must be emailed to the Security BSides organization, via the email address above. This is required before an event will be listed on the Security BSides home page. 


4 months prior to the event date:

  • A list of committed sponsors should be completed.  This means you have received the signed contract pages (all of them, not just the last page) from the Sponsorship Kit.
  • Invoice your sponsors if they require it.


3 months prior to the event date:

  • If you are relying on the BSides Org to provide or assist with any funds, you must submit a budget for the event with all committed sponsors, costs, and team roles.
  • It is responsibility of the event host to provide all funding for their event.  To subsidize this cost, we encourage event hosts to acquire sponsors and recommend they directly cover costs. It is important to understand that the event organizer will need to raise and collect all monies for their event.
  • Have you remembered to invoice your sponsors? It may take up to 2 months for you to receive their money and you need to have the funds early enough to pay your venue, t-shirt, and other costs.


2 months prior to the event date:

  • A Call for Papers should be announced.  You should consider doing this much earlier, but this is the latest you should have it in place.


6 weeks prior to the event date:

  • All sponsorship money should be received by this time


4 weeks prior to the event date:

  • You can request matching funds. Occasionally, the Security BSides organization may contribute matching funds up to a limited amount ($1,500). A request for matching funds must be sent at least 6 weeks before the event. This can be discussed by emailing your budget, proof of monies raised, and a description of what the funds are needed to pay for to info (at) securitybsides (dot) org.
  • The BSides Org cannot advance money for any event until all contributions from sponsors have been received.  If you wish to have sponsors send checks to the BSides Org for their dispersal to you, you must:
    • Have your sponsor make the check out to "Security BSides"
    • Email the BSides Org the sponsors: company name, point of contact, mailing address, and email address


2 weeks prior to the event date:

  • Finalize your schedule of volunteers and confirm all logistics.


Lessons Learned:

  • If this is your first time coordinating a BSides event, finding someone in your local community that has this experience is recommended.
  • If you struggle with any of these tasks it is your responsibility to ask for help and confirm commitment.  The buck stops with you!



I ______________________________ understand the deadlines and expectations listed herein and agree to adhere to these rules.





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