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Thank you!  Security BSides Las Vegas was an amazing event.  Thanks to the sponsors, volunteers, speakers and participants.


Yes, we're already thinking about next year- and all the BSides events that will happen in the upcoming year.



When: July 28-29, 2010


Where: http://www.2810vegasestate.com/  (2810 East Quail Ave., Las Vegas, NV, 89120)



We are putting a lot of heart 'n' soul into this one to make it THE EVENT to be at, *especially* if you can't afford Blackhat, and plan to be in town for Defcon. Or... if you are just gonna come out to LV to experience the BSides magic. We need sponsors, wranglers, handlers, speakers, nuts, looneys, the sane, and those of you that are somewhere in-between to all throw in a hand.


Thanks to the awesomeness of our newest Sponsor, VerSprite, we have secured an absolutely AMAZING location for this year's BSidesLV. (see link above) It most certainly will be the red carpet event of the security year.

Don't forget your bathing suit.


Recorded video of BSidesLV (captured from live streams) is available at:



Photos (post links to yours here, too)

Jack's Flickr set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jack_daniel/sets/72157624477492617/ 





Shuttle Bus:

Yes, there will be shuttles. 


Wednesday will include stops at Caesars, then Mandalay Bay, then to BSides.  First bus leaves Caesars main entrance at 08:30, then picking up at Mandalay Bay beach level.  Second bus leaves Caesars at 09:00.  We will have two buses running nonstop loops until the end of the day at BSides.


Thursday will add stops at the Riviera.  First shuttle leaves the Riviera, south door by registration at 08:30, then to Caesars, Mandalay Bay, and BSides.  We will have two buses running continuous loops all day, with a third shuttle at peak times.  First bus leaves the Riv at 08:30, second bus leaves the Riv at 08:50, third bus leaves the Riv at 09:10.


Evening routes will be posted soon.

News and Updates Page

Check here for the latest information on shuttles, venue capacity, and breaking news.

Tweet This Event


If you are not pre-registered on the wiki or did not attend yesterday and sign up onsite, you will not be able to attend today.  While we normally encourage walk-ins, we do not want turn away pre-registered participants to accommodate walk-in attendees.


Discussion:   BSidesLV Mailing List


Tags for flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc.

Please use the tag #BSidesLV for content related to this event


The Schedule and Talks page is up!


Full Schedule and details of talks are on the Talks page


Lightning Talks start at 11:00




On The Keys




10:00 AM
David Rook Injecting Simplicity not SQL   Daniel Molina  Top 10 Things IT is Doing to Enable CyberCrime
11:00 AM
Ryan Linn  Multi-Player MetaSploit           Will Gragido  Through the rabbit hole: An Expose of Darknets and the Onion Routed Underground
12:00 PM
Christopher E. Pogue  Sniper Forensics   Gene Kim   Mobilizing the PCI Resistance: Lessons Learned From Fighting Prior Wars (SOX-404)
01:00 PM

Chris Lytle,

Leigh Hollowell


Andrew Hay,

Chris Nickerson

Building Bridges -  Forcing Hackers and Business to Hug it Out
02:00 PM

Sean-Paul Correll,

Luis Corrons

Catch That Butterfly: Stopping Mariposa in its Tracks and Revealing a Growing Underground Network of Amateur Hackers   Vik Phatak
ExploitHub: Arming the Pen Testers to Plug the Holes
03:00 PM
Dave Kennedy (Rel1K) SET 0.6 release with special PHUKD Key   Paul Judge, David Maynor
The Dark side of Twitter, Measuring and Analyzing Malicious Activity on Twitter
04:00 PM
frank^2 Fuck Tools, Do It yourself Jerk     Grecs Infosec Communities for Career Success: Understanding, Participating, and Cooking One Up
05:00 PM
Joshua "Jabra" Abraham
Fierce v2   Joseph Sokoly Infosec Young and Restless
06:00 PM
Jim MacLeod Stupid IP Tables Tricks     INFOSEC Mentoring, Mentee-ing Panel INFOSEC Mentoring, Mentee-ing Panel
10:00 AM
Jimmy Shah 
Mobile Hackery  

  Josh Corman, Dennis Fisher, HD Moore, Jack Daniel InfoSec Speed Debates
11:00 AM
Egyp7  Beyond r57   Chris Sumner  Social Network Special Ops 
12:00 PM
HDM Fun with VxWorks   Frank Breedijk, Ian Southam The road to hell is paved with best practices
01:00 PM
Davi Ottenheimer  Keypad Bypass Hacks
  Bruce Potter  How to Make Network Diagrams that Don't Suck
02:00 PM
Zach Lanier It Melts In Your Hand: An Overview of Security (Failures) In Mobile Applications   Eric Smith Roman Profiles : The 6 Mistakes of          
03:00 PM
Ray Kelly  A mechanics view of SQL injection    ValSmith Social Engineering the CFP Process
04:00 PM
Moxie Marlinspike How technology killed my heroes, and why they will never be born again
  Chris Roberts Planes, Trains and Automobiles: (OK, Cars and Buses)
05:00 PM
Jason Ross  Who Owns the Internet? AKA: Where did all that cyberspace go?     Andre Gironda  App Assessments Reloaded


Thanks to everyone that submitted a talk. If you didn't get chosen, don't fret! We had an overwhelming number of great talks, too many to accept them all.  We're planning on having a room for lightning talks and free-forum discussions, as well, so even if you aren't on the "official" schedule, there will still plenty of opportunity to present at BSidesLV and make yourself heard.


Still interested in presenting at BSidesLV, but didn't make the CFP deadline? Consider a lightning talk or free-form discussion on one of the following topics:


- General system exploitation techniques, vuln-dev and shellcoding

- Web application hacking

- Mobile exploitation

- Breach cases and analysis

- Reverse engineering

- Rootkits

- Wireless security

- Hardware hacking

- RFID, SmartCard, Auth Tech exploitation

- Creative Compliance and/or PitFalls

- Software Security and Code Analysis

- Offensive Security (targeted system attacks like Scada, chipsets, od OS.. etc)

- Crypto

- Lockpicking, trashing and urban exploration

- Red Team Testing

- Corporate Intelligence / Industrial Espionage

- Something so Heavy... No one is ready... cept for the BSiders...

- And anything else you can/want to make a case for..... bring your A-Game and an uncensored speech for all to learn/interact with







We are looking for sponsors that are ready to make a HUGE impact on the security world.


Global Sponsors
Security Apologist
Corporate Advocate
Corporate Participant
Additional Thanks to Our Supporters







  • Tripwire Inc is hosting a contest.  It's simple: whoever tweets #BSidesLV the most between now and Thursday night could win an iPad.  Must be present to win. iPad will be given away at the party Thursday night.
  • Panda Security will be giving away an iPad at the end of each day (Wed & Thurs). To participate the participant should take a photo in front of the Panda Security board and use it as an entry (providing contact info as desired.) To increase your chances of winning you would need to find and return the missing Panda Bears. Each Panda Bear that is returned will receive 5 additional entries (per Panda Bear) into the drawing.  The Panda  Bears will be hidden in or around the event location.  Contest closes at 3pm each day with the winner being announced shortly after.



In addition to the main stage there will be several sidebar events, contests, and activities during BSidesLasVegas.  Feel free to add your event here with descriptive information, links, and other pertinent information.


  • 5th Annual OWASP Foundation - KartCon V 2010
  • Space Rogue (@spacerog) will be interviewing participants and speakers for the Hacker News Network videocast (@ThisisHNN) - check out more of his coverage on the Media page.
  • Steven Fox will be podcasting from the event for his SecureLexicon show.
  • 1st Annual InfoSec Mentors Meetup
    • When: July 28th 2010 7:00-9:00
    • Where: The B-Sides Las Vegas Venue (Look for the sign)
    • Event entrance by Invitation Only for participants in the InfoSec Mentors Project. Go to www.infosecmentors.com to sign up! 





(Note: there is no "audience" at BSides, everyone participates).


Information for members of the press.




It is nice that everyone has added their name here but please understand you WILL NOT get a volunteer t-shirt just for having your name here.  If you want a special t-shirt you need to volunteer for 2+ (2 hr each) shifts in the Security section (below).


If your volunteer item is an activity please relocate it to the Event/Contest section (above).


  • Chris Nickerson (@indi303) nickerson@exoticliability.com - Event Producer, and whatever else ya want me to be. =o)
  • Speaker Wrangler - BSIDES CFP Panel 
  • Sponsor wrangler - Sam (@SamVR)
  • Media POC - Mike (@sfoak)
  • A/V Wizard - Todd Kimball (@tkimball) kimball dot todd at gmail dot com
  • Facilities Safety & Security Co-Capt.'s - Genevieve Southwick (@banasidhe) & Monte Fabiani (@montell)
  • Old Guy with Beard - Jack Daniel @jack_daniel
  • Transportation chief -
  • Venue Crew - Scott Hazel (@phat32), Kos (@theKos)
  • Crowd Directors/General help - Jim MacLeod (@shewfig), Josh Brashars (@savant42), Ryan Linn, Ryan Jones (@lizborden)
  • Speaker Coordinator, Volunteer Wrangler - Michael Shea (@pinoles) haggis at baymoo dot org
  • Grill Master  - Marc D'Amato (@mock7) 
  • Mother Hen and Picture Taker - Amber Dubya @chipmonkey 


Other Participants


  • General Helper - Ryan Schaller
  • Runner, general assistant - Omar @paradox_raver  
  • Anti chaos officer -
  • Old Guy sans Beard but who is an EMT - Al Berg @alberg 
  • Jack of all trades - Eric Smith @infosecmafia
  • monkeytender, scotch taster, bassmaster, or whatever else needs doing - Rob Havelt (@dasfiregod) 
  • Young Guy with Beard and Camera - Apneet Jolly @Jolly 
  • Party instigator - Erin "@SecBarbie" Jacobs ... Instigator of Underwear Extraordinaire!! 
  • Décolletage Displayer - Michelle Klinger @diami03 (pics cause it WILL happen)
  • Chicks, guns, firetrucks, etc. - Andrew Hay
  • Cyber - James Arlen (@myrcurial) 
  • Black Hat Refugee/Doin' Whatever - Steve Tornio @steve_tornio
  • APT - Shalini (@0ph3lia) 
  • TShirt Facilitator- Jason Ross @rossja  
  • Acting HardCore - Brett Hardin @miscsecurity 
  • Enabler - C-P
  • Disabler - Joshua Marpet
  • VP of Reality - Paul Madoff
  • Whatever it takes - Matt Hixson @matthixson 
  • Rescue Swimmer - Rodney @_Radnus
  • Shea supervision - Ryan Russell @ryanlrussell
  • Have audio hardware will travel - Vyrus @vyrus001


Security Volunteers


Tentative Schedule is up (subject to change w/o notice)! If you notice a conflict, please email banasidhe(at)gmail(dot)com ASAP, so that we can accommodate you as best as possible. For those of you who volunteered for 2 or more shifts, we'll have special t-shirts available for you to wear during your shifts at BSidesLV (and keep, of course!). This is as much of a thank you for your time and effort, as it is a system for allowing attendees to identify those of us that are there to help them with any given situation that may arise. So we need to stress that you not wear your volunteer t-shirt at the event when you're not on-duty. FYI: We have rented a small # of radios for the event. If you have your own UHF radio(s), feel free to bring them. We'll have the frequency list available for programming purposes. 




-= Banasidhe and Montell, your BSidesLV Safety & Security Fascists




Name and/or Twitter Handle and/or Email (optional, but please register for BSidesLV GoogleGroup for future schedule updates.) Wed 
# of Shifts/day 
Schedule Wed. 1 Schedule Wed. 2 Schedule Thu. 1 Schedule Thurs. 2 Position Wed. Position Thu. RADIO
Genevieve / @banasidhe    Y  12  Open  0700-1300 1300-1900 0700-1300 1300-1900 Lead Lead Y
Montell / @montell  Y 12  Open  0700-1300 1300-1900 0700-1300 1300-1900 Lead Lead Y
jedi/@dtjedi Y Y as needed Open 0700-1300 1300-1900 0700-1300 1300-1900 Go-To Guy Go-To Guy Y
 Jerél / @0jerel0 Y Y 12  Open 0700-1300 1300-1900 0700-1300 1300-1900 Go-To Guy Go-To Guy Y
Shea / @pinoles  12  Open  0700-1900 N/A 0700-1900 N/A Speaker wrangler Speaker wrangler Y
nick8ch / @nick8ch  Open  0900-1100 1300-1500 0900-1100 1300-1500 Crowd Direction Crowd Direction N
Justin / lei.justin@gmail.com Y Y as needed Open 0900-1100 1100-1300 0900-1100 1100-1300 Front Door/Reg b/u Front Door/Reg b/u Y
Scott / @phat32  Open  0900-1300 N/A 0900-1300 N/A ID/Wristbands ID/Wristbands Share w/Reg
Michelle / @diami03  Y  AM  0900-1300 N/A 0900-1300 N/A Reg Desk Reg desk Y(position)
JoshP/ @packetfocus  Open  1100-1300 1500-1700 1100-1300 1500-1700 Crowd Direction Crowd Direction N
Charles/ @agent2253  Open  1100-1300 1500-1700 1100-1300 1500-1700 Driveway Monitor Driveway Monitor Y
Rodney / @_Radnus Y Y 1 PM N/A 1300-1500

N/A 1300-1500

Front Door/Reg b/u Front Door/Reg b/u Y
Alek / @obsinisize Open  1200-1400 1600-1800 1200-1400 1600-1800 Perimeter Roaming Perimeter Roaming Y
Bobby / @drazl Y Y as needed Open  1300-1700 N/A 1300-1700 N/A ID/Wristbands ID/Wristbands Share w/Reg
Matthew / @fallingmelesse  Open W /PM Th  1400-1800 N/A 1400-1800 N/A Roaming Roaming Y
Eugene / @curqq Open  1500-1900 N/A 1500-1900 N/A Front Door/Reg b/u Front Door/Reg b/u Y
Chris / @bart64  Open  1500-1900 N/A 1500-1900 N/A Roaming & Clean-up Roaming & Clean-up Y
Jason / @jx666jx as needed
Open  1700-1900 N/A 1700-1900 N/A Roaming & Clean-up Roaming & Clean-up Y
Brian W/@slimjim100  Open  OFF OFF 1200-1600 N/A OFF Roaming Y
Daniel / @danielt_trembath  PM OFF OFF 1600-1800 N/A OFF Roaming Y
Shalini / @0ph3lia AM  OFF OFF 1000-1200 N/A OFF Outdoor APT Y
Jim / @txbikerider Open  OFF OFF 1200-1400 1600-1800 OFF Roaming Y
Norbert / @norbert_griffin Open  OFF OFF 1000-1200 N/A OFF Inside Roaming Y
Steve / @steve_tornio  Y Open  OFF OFF 1000-1200 1400-1800 OFF Roaming Y
 Mike / @MikD 12  Open  On Call On Call On Call On Call Producer Producer Y
Amber / @chipmonkey  12  Open  On Call 1300-1700 On Call 1300-1700 Reg Desk Reg desk Y(position)
Titan / @Titaneous as needed Open              
David / @tribalsoul  















Omar/ @paradox_raver
Y N 4 Stand-by              



Video Volunteers


Please add yourself to the schedule if you are willing to sit at the back of a session and babysit a video camera. It doesn't entail much beyond swapping tapes before things start, keeping an eye on the stream, and possibly interacting with the remote viewers over the chat channel.




-= Todd





Track 1


Track 2


Track 1

Thursday Track 2

Name and/or Twitter Handle and/or Email Name and/or Twitter Handle and/or Email Name and/or Twitter Handle and/or Email Name and/or Twitter Handle and/or Email
10:00am Matthew Stits / @stits 

Chad Skidmore /


Christian / @PriceChristian David M. Zendzian / @dmz006
11:00am Matthew Stits / @stits 
David M. Zendzian / @dmz006
Christian / @PriceChristian  Paul Herbka 
12:00pm Matthew Stits / @stits 
Paul Herbka  Christian / @PriceChristian  David M. Zendzian / @dmz006
 1:00pm Matthew Stits / @stits 
Paul Herbka 

Paul Herbka 

Philip James @Security_Freak 

Tim Lister / @Incudie

Chad Skidmore /


Paul Herbka  John @kcgeek
 3:00pm Jim / @txbikerider
Nick Owen / @wikidsystems 

Tim Lister / 


Chad Skidmore /


 4:00pm Jim / @txbikerider   Matthew Stits / @stits 

 5:00pm Jim / @txbikerider      
 6:00pm Jim / @txbikerider   N/A N/A


Task List

(please -cross out- when it's done)






White Boards

Photo   @Jolly

Video @tkimball

Audio @vyrus

Streaming or Stickam or Skype





Lunch                    All food procurement, preparation, and service will be managed by Marc D'Amato (@mock7) and Joseph Sokoly (@jsokoly)           

Coffee/Tea             with support from Jamie Lynn D'Amato, TaLessa Lynch (@talessadl), and @FeloniousFish

Tables and chairs



Who's blogging?


Read all the Media attention that BSides is getting!


Name Blog (URL)
 Security Ninja Blog (http://www.securityninja.co.uk/why-i-love-securitybsides)
 Jack Daniel 
 Astaro Security Perspectives Blog (http://securityblog.astaro.com/2010/06/security_bsides_community_and.html)
 Jack Daniel 
Uncommon Sense Security (http://blog.uncommonsensesecurity.com/2010/06/security-bsides-las-vegas-announcements.html
 Al Berg
Paranoid Prose (http://www.paranoidprose.com)
 James Arlen
Liquidmatrix Security Digest (http://liquidmatrix.org/blog
 Jason Haddix
Security Aegis, Ethicalhacker.net
 Garrett Gee
 Infosec Events (http://infosecevents.net)
 John Sawyer
 Dark Reading - Evil Bytes Blog - www.darkreading.com
NovaInfosecPortal.com (http://www.novainfosecportal.com)
 David M. Zendzian (dmz) ZZ Servers Industry Blog (http://www.zendzign.com) / La Isla Magazine (http://www.laislamagazine.com/



Steve / @steve_tornio  Y Open  OFF OFF 1000-1200 1400-1800 OFF Roaming Y

Comments (19)

Amadeus Ripshy said

at 2:04 am on Mar 6, 2010

I am local to Vegas, and have plenty of time to volunteer where needed. Point me in a direction and I'll start running.

Karen Maeda said

at 2:00 pm on Mar 10, 2010

Be careful what you ask for! We will take you up on that!! Thank you for offering!

Marisa Fagan said

at 11:19 pm on Mar 20, 2010

I'm super excited already!!

I am very interested in approaching a hotel near the venue for a group rate. Where should we start that interested persons head count?

Erin Jacobs said

at 8:51 pm on Apr 27, 2010

Loooooove Bsides!

So excited too!

Marc D'Amato said

at 12:48 pm on May 27, 2010

The venue looks amazing!

//Marc (@mock7)

Kyle Creyts said

at 6:30 pm on Jun 5, 2010

Bsides sounds like so much love. I've invited all the people I know who are going for DEFCON.

Steven McGrath said

at 1:46 pm on Jun 12, 2010

Ok, all thats needed is a couple of random DJs and this will look like an upper-class AP Defcon :-p

Marisa Fagan said

at 4:38 pm on Jun 14, 2010

Just mens sizes on the t-shirts, right?

Admin said

at 5:03 pm on Jun 14, 2010

Marisa, everyone should enter their size and the person making the shirt order can order women's shirts for those who list their size.

ChrisAM said

at 12:57 pm on Jun 20, 2010

I am arriving on Tuesday afternoon and will be renting a car. If you need help transporting people and/or things, I'll be glad to help.

Jerel said

at 5:32 pm on Jun 20, 2010

I have child bearing hips, not sure if that constitutes a woman's size :P

mmca said

at 9:07 pm on Jul 7, 2010

This is mostly for Jason Ross, are the tshirts handled? If not... I am volunteering.

IrishMASMS said

at 11:23 am on Jul 9, 2010


dmz said

at 2:31 pm on Jul 22, 2010

Does the projector not being crossed out mean you need a projector? I have one but will not be arriving until 9:30am (@ airport) wednesday

Jack Daniel said

at 2:43 pm on Jul 22, 2010

dmz- thanks for the offer, but we are good on projectors. I'll update the list.

versprite said

at 4:27 pm on Jul 22, 2010

Where do I sign up for some of those sexy t-shirts?

Jason Ross said

at 9:03 pm on Jul 25, 2010

@versprite: there's no sign up required/provided. we ordered a total of 300 varying sizes (some women's, some men's). they'll be sold first come/first serve. since the registration is now quite a bit over 300 though, getting there sooner is better =)

David said

at 3:11 pm on Jul 27, 2010

Not being allowed to comment on the schedule page: Is it just me being blind, or is there a description down the page of Wayne Huang's Drivesploit presentation that's doesn't show up in the schedule roster?

Jack Daniel said

at 5:43 pm on Jul 27, 2010

Hi David- Wayne's talk was pulled, he is unable to give it at BSides.

You don't have permission to comment on this page.