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Event details


When: Tuesday/Wednesday, March 2-3, 2010 @ 9am - 5pm

Where: pariSoma, 1436 Howard St. (at 10th), San Francisco, CA 94113

Cost: Free, but EFF representatives will be accepting donations


RSVP: Facebook or PlanCast or LinkedIn


Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: "#BSidesSF March 2-3, 2010: Discover the next big thing! http://bit.ly/BSidesSF


Archived Videos: Ustream


Audio Recordings:


















Call for Theme (CFT): Every conference needs a theme so suggest one (post your theme and name):


  • "Sometimes you think you have more than you need. Think Again." - John Tierney [WINNER]
  • "Here to Learn, Not Beat Off Vendors" - Andrew Hay

  • "Hidden Gems, Not Marketing BMs" - Nick
  • "You Can't Be Serious!?" - Ben
  • "You're Claiming What, Exactly? " - Ben
  • "Evolution, not just education!" - Erin
  • "Win, or Lose... Those are your options..." - Richard E. Baker
  • "BSidesSF: Backstage With the Security Rockstars" - Ally [RUNNER UP]
  • "It's Education, not Training" - Ron W
  • "Working Together to Solve the Impossible" - Ron W [RUNNER UP]
  • "Paying attention behind the curtain" - Jim MacLeod
  • "The back side of the security industry" - Jim MacLeod
  • "Tired of the corporate noise: the good stuff is on the B Sides" - Jim MacLeod



T-Shirts: T-Shirt Designs (post your entry and/or vote for one in twitter!)





BSidesSF is planning several contests, events and fundraisers in conjunction with our sponsors.  The goal is to raise money for good organizations and to get you lots of free shwag!


  • BSides After Party:
    • Date/Time: Tuesday, March 2nd // 7pm-10pm+
    • Location: Secret speakeasy (location announced on the 2nd)
    • DJ/MC: Rachel Perkins (DJ Pie Bob) // DualCore @DualCoreMusic (Nerdcore)
    • Food/Drink: @cremebruleecart & @MagicCurryKart & drinks provided
    • Password: (should be easy to figure out from the hint below)

  • Find Frank Chu!  If you've spent much time wandering around downtown San Francsico, you've likely seen Frank Chu and some incarnation of his infamous sign.  Well, Frank's sign will be getting a slight make over and we want you to document it.  This is your mission B-Siders: Find Frank Chu and have your picture taken with him (or if you are feeling shy, we will accept pictures of him alone).  Don't forget to check out both sides of the sign!  Post your pictures to Flickr and/or Twitter and tag it #BSidesSF #FrankChu.  Everyone who submits a photo will get their named dropped into the drawing for the new Apple iPad.  This is @chipmonkey's contest and she is relinquishing her claim to the iPad so it can be raffled off to the Find Frank Chu entrants.  Frank will be out and about March 1-3.  We will draw a winner after Dino's talk on March 3rd.


  • BigFix 2010 IT Dino Awards Video Contest

    • Criteria: The contest invites enterprise IT professionals to charge up their “Flip,” smart phone, and digital video cameras to capture the frustration and costs of working with information technology dinosaurs in modern distributed endpoint computing environments.
    • Prize: Prizes include a $1,000 first prize, three $500 runner-up awards, and BigFix Dino Hunter T-Shirts for qualified contestants.
  • Pimp-My-Podcast: Beyond the Perimeter will be interviewing BSides participants at the event.
  • TOOOL Meet-up
    • Date/Time: Wedneday, March 3rd @ 14:00 - 17:00
    • Location: pariSoma (back conference room area)
    • Details:  Have you ever picked a lock?  Would you like to learn?  The Open Organization of Lockpickers will be holding their first public meeting in the northern California area and all who wish to learn about physical security and lockpicking are welcome to attend.

      The mission of TOOOL is to advance the general public knowledge about locks and lockpicking.  By examining locks, safes, and other hardware we feel it is possible strip away the mystery with which so many of these products are imbued.  After all, the more that people know, the better consumers they can be in the marketplace... making decisions based on sound fact and research as opposed to fear, conjecture, and hype.




  • Let BigFix chauffeur you in style (#BSidesBigFixBus) to and from Moscone Center, Security BSides SF, and your hotel. Beverages, snacks, and great SWAG provided on board! Stops include: Moscone Center, Parc 55 Hotel, Hilton San Francisco, Westin St. Francis, and #BSidesSF (pariSoma).
  • Cabs are accessible and cost about $5-7 between Moscone and pariSoma.  It's a flat rate for all in the cab, but please do not try to create a clown car.
  • Public transit provides easy access between Moscone Center and BSidesSF.  The bus lines #12, #14, #47 will take you there as will the MUNI "M" line.





The BSidesSF Call for Presentations (CFP) is closed.  Review the talk submissions on BSidesSanFranciscoTalks and vote your favorite.


If you wish to participate please volunteer for a goon slot at BSidesSanFranciscoGoons. You can only add your name to this page if one of the organizers can vouch for you.  Those who do volunteer their time will have their choice of special free gifts.


Tuesday - March 2, 2010
Presenter Presentation
09:00 - 09:30 Andrew Hay My Life on the Infosec D-List
09:30 - 10:00 David Barnett

Preparing for a PCI forensic investigation - 

A ex-QIRA speaks out

10:00 - 11:00 Michael Santarcangelo, JJ (Jennifer Jabbusch), Marisa Fagan So What's the Alternative? A group discussion of the security solutions replacing password authentication
11:00 - 12:00 Will Gragido & John Pirc Advanced Persistent Threats (Shining the Light on the Industries' Best Kept Secret)
12:00 - 13:00 LUNCH & LightningTalks
13:00 - 14:00 Vikram Phatak Being Inbred Isn't Just a Problem for Hillbillies.  Groupthink and the InfoSec Industry
14:00 - 15:00

Erin Jacobs, Jennifer Jabbusch, Andrew HayLisa Lorenzin, Leigh Honeywell, Michelle Klinger

Unicorns, Clubhouses, and Ruffled Feathers: Women in Security

15:00 - 16:00 Sean-Paul Correll Playing with Fire – Live Demonstration of Today’s Most Dangerous Malware
16:00 - 17:00 HD Moore Network Time Bandits


// Lightning Talk // Day 1 //

  • Stacy Thayer :: How to Design and Develop Your Own Security Event (30 min)


Wednesday - March 3, 2010 Presenter Presentation
09:00 - 09:30 Brett Hardin Security? Who cares!
09:30 - 10:00 Wes Brown So You Want to Analyze Malware?
10:00 - 11:00 Tim Keanini Computing Risk without Numbers:  A Semantic Approach to Risk Metrics
11:00 - 12:00 Gunter Ollmann Your computer is worth 30 cents
12:00 - 13:00 LUNCH & LightningTalks
13:00 - 14:00 Mike Murray, Mike Bailey Social Penetration
14:00 - 15:00 Joshua Corman, Jack Daniel, Anton Chuvakin, Andy Ellis, Guest The Great Compliance Debate: No Child Left Behind or The Polio Vaccine
15:00 - 16:00 Alex Hutton Risk Management - Time to blow it up and start over?
16:00 - 17:00 Dino Dai Zovi Memory Corruption, Exploitation, and You


// Lightning Talks // Day 2 //





Network Box WiKID Systems
Merritt Group PR  



Planners and Volunteers

  • Mike Dahn (@sfoak) :: Person-who-is-loud
  • Sam Van Ryder (@SamVR) :: Sponsor/Vendor Coordinator
  • Mike Shea (@pinoles) :: Speaker/Volunteer Coordinator
  • Todd Kimball (@tkimball) & Richard Baker (@richardbaker) :: Minister of Audio/Video Digitization
  • Jack Daniel (@Jack_Daniel) :: Herder of Cats & A/V Oversight
  • Trey Ford (@treyford) :: Monosyllabic Vernacular Enforcement
  • Amber Dubya (@chipmonkey) :: Mother Hen
  • Genevieve Southwick (@banasidhe) :: Mistress of Security
  • Alyssa Ralston :: EFF Representative
  • Deviant Ollam :: TOOOL Representative




This is an invite only event.  To get yourself on the invite list, edit this page and add yourself to the list of Campers/Citizens/Attendees.  Anyone showing up who is not on the list will be turned away! 


There will be a limit of 70 people permitted in the venue at a time, so come early and stay late.


Not sure how to add your name to the list? Read the FAQ.


First Name
Last Name Twitter/Email Tuesday Wednesday


Mark Arnold @lotusebhat Y Y
Todd Aument @aument M Y
Rey Ayers @ar3a69.org Y M
Richard Baker @richardebaker Y Y
Mike Bailey @mckt_ Y Y
David Barnett @ark0n Y
Alex Begun @synapsr M M
Dillon Beresford @D1N Y Y
Ron Bidule @rbidule Y


Sam Bowne @sambowne Y Y
Wes Brown   M Y
Robert Capps @rwc101010 M Y
Martin Chorich @mchorich Y M
Chris Christianson @cchristianson Y Y
Anton Chuvakin @anton_chuvakin    
John Cloonan   Y Y
Joshua Corman @joshcorman M Y
Sean-Paul Correll   Y  
Bil Corry @bilcorry Y Y


Cosio   Y Y
Jason Craig @3141592f Y Y
Dino Dai Zovi @dinodaizovi M Y


Dahn @sfoak Y Y
Jack Daniel @jack_daniel Y Y
Nathan Daniel   Y Y
Doug Dement   Y Y
Rocky DeStefano @rockyd Y Y
Ben Doyle @fifth_sentinel Y Y
Will Drewry @redpig M


Amber Dubya @chipmonkey Y Y
Andy Ellis @csoandy M Y
Chris Eng @chriseng M M
Tim Erlin @terlin M Y
Cesar Esteban @cesteban Y Y
David Etue @djetue M M
Ian F. @verbiee M M
Marisa Fagan @dewzi Y Y
Paul Farley @allaboutrisk M Y
Trey Ford @treyford Y Y
Garrett Gee @infosecevents M


Andre Gironda @atdre  N Y
Mike Gracy @ghst_ridr M M
Will Gragido   Y  
Tim Greene @tim_greene M M
Jason Haddix @jhaddix M M
Minoo Hamilton   Y N
Brett Hardin @miscsecurity Y Y
Andrew Hay @andrewsmhay  


Wilson Henriquez @thinksec Y Y
Peter Hesse @pmhesse M M
Chris Hitchcock @devilok Y Y
Chris Hoff @beaker M M
Alex Hutton @alexhutton Y Y
Jennifer Jabbusch @jjx Y M
Erin Jacobs @Secbarbie    
Philip James @security_freak M M
Ian Jensen   Y Y
Matt Johansen (+1) @mattjay Y Y
Jeff Jones @securityjones Y Y
Quinton Jones @415 Y


Dominique Karg @dkarg M Y
Michael Katsevman      
Gurdeep Kaur   Y  
TK Keanini @tkeanini N Y
Todd Kimball @tkimball Y Y
John Kinsella @proindustries Y Y
Michelle Klinger @diami03    
Lawrence Koga   Y M
Jennifer Leggio @mediaphyter    
James Lester @declarejames Y Y
Nicolas Lidzborski   Y  
Carlos Lopez @clopez Y Y
Lisa Lorenzin @llorenzin M M
Ryan Lowe @RoomieGunns Y Y
Gordon Lyon @nmap Y N
Jim MacLeod @shewfig Y Y
Ofer Maor   M M
David Martinjak   Y Y
Raffael Marty @zrlram    
David Maynor @donicer    
Damon McCormick @da3mon Y Y
Martin McKeay @mckeay    
John Menerick @aeonice Y Y
Nick Merritt   N Y
Allison Miller @selenakyle Y Y
HD Moore   Y  
Rick Moy @rickmoy Y Y
Mike Murray @mmurray Y Y
Tikka Nagi   Y Y
David Nester @davidnestertx M M
Gunter Ollmann @gollmann Y M
Nick Owen @wikidsystems Y Y
Chris Peterson @ZyngaAppSec Y Y
Matt Peterson @dorkmatt Y Y
Vikram Phatak @vikphatak Y Y
John Pirc   Y  
Johnnie Pittman




Sam Quigley @emerose Y Y
Space Rogue @spacerog Y Y
Tyler Reguly @treguly M M
David Remahl @chmod007 Y Y
Kevin Riggins





Scott Roberts @sroberts Y Y







Michael Santarcangelo   Y  
Erik Schechinger @gmail Y Y
Nick Selby @nselby Y Y


Shackleford @daveshackleford  


Michael Shea @pinoles Y Y
Brian Shura   Y Y
David Snyder   N M
Dug Song @dugsong M Y
Genevieve Southwick @banasidhe Y Y


Starcher @georgestarcher    
Natalie Stauffer   Y


Jennifer Steffens @SecureSun Y Y
Andrew Storms @St0rmz M M
Liz Sturrock @kafein Y M
Larry Suto @larrysuto Y Y
Lisa Tawfall @ltawfall M M
Dan Tentler (+1!) @viss Y Y
Stacy Thayer   Y  
Patrick Thomas @CoffeeToCode    






Tomhave @falconsview Y M
Cindee Tran   Y Y
Sam Van Ryder @samvr Y Y
Juan Walker @jacksonsummers Y M
Shannon Walsh @shiggy03    
Evan Wheeler   M M
Joe White @cyberlocksmith Y Y


Williams @amrittsering Y


Branden Williams @BrandenWilliams Y M
Ron Woerner @ronw123 M M
Steve Zenone @morphic Y Y
Bryan Zimmer   Y


Tim Zonca @timzonca Y





Task List

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Wifi :: provided by pariSoma

Projector :: provided by pariSoma

White Boards

Photo :: Provided by Dan Tentler

Video :: provided by Todd Kimball

Audio :: provided by Richard Baker and Todd Kimball

Streaming or Stickam or Skype :: provided by pariSoma







Tables and chairs



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The hash tag to use is #BSidesSF as in (http://bit.ly/BSidesSF).


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