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BSidesDFW 2018




Security B-Sides Dallas/Fort Worth (BSidesDFW) is back for it's 9th year.

If you missed it we are now a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  We are working on not only bringing you the best un-conference possible, but also researching options to grow.  As usual we are striving to provide an awesome one day experience in the form of a local low cost alternative for the security curious hobbyists, enthusiasts, practitioners, and researchers.



Follow us on
Twitter: @BSidesDFW 
Google+: BSidesDFW Coordinator




When:  03 Nov 2018

Where:  Richland College, Sabine Hall

12800 Abrams Road, Dallas TX 75243


Cost: Free (for now)

Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: "#BSidesDFW2018"



BSidesDFW 2018 Registration:

Walk-ins are welcome.  You just might not get the fancy badge.

Pre-Registration is Full.


Registration is not required for attendance.

Registration will, however, ensure that you get a shirt/lunch.

Unclaimed tickets are released at 11AM.



BSidesDFW 2018 Hotel(s):

None this year.



BSidesDFW 2018 CFP is Closed ***

CFP is Closed.

Submission deadline, Midnight 28 Sep 2018.





BSidesDFW 2018 Sponsorship


The 2018 Sponsorship Kit is now available!  

Also on Google Drive https://goo.gl/6rrBMu


If you represent a company and are interested in supporting BSidesDFW please contact us.  [email protected][dot]com



Sponsorship Levels
See the above linked PDF file for details

WAYFARER:  $500, Join the family and get recognized

ROVER:  $1,000 Make it last and get monochrome logo printed on T-Shirt

PATHFINDER:  $2,000 Be interactive - claim a booth or co-branded schwag (limited availability)

TRAILBLAZER:  $3,000 Stand out with a premium T-Shirt logo or Badge&Lanyard

ADVENTURER:  $4,000 Leave a mark - wrap a podium, name a room, or feed the masses



A huge Thank You! to our BSidesDFW 2018 Sponsors




Venue provided by:


Lunch provided by:





Badges provided by:




















CTF provided by:


CTF provided by:


Audio/Visual Capture




BSidesDFW 2018 Schedule


Speaker Tracks

** Schedule is subject to change




03 Nov 2018

Track One (1)

Is being recorded

Track Two (2)

Is being recorded 

Track Three (3) 

No recording 

0800 -- Registration
-- Registration -- Registration   
-- Registration
Opening - in Chill-Out  Opening - in Chill-Out
Opening - in Chill-Out Opening - in Chill-Out


The Mitre ATT&CK Framework is for all of us, and it is time to pay attention to it

-- Michael Gough  @HackerHurricane

The Pentester Blueprint: A Guide to Becoming a Pentester

-- Phillip Wylie  @phillipwylie

Cybersecurity Compliance and Legal Implications for 2019

-- Jason Edwards  @trackpads

Griffin Weaver

 -- Fundementals of Infosec

 -- 0dayAllday

-- HHV


Windows Internals and Threat Hunting with Volatility

-- Deepak Mahbubani @datagoon

Developer Attack Surface

-- Mark Morgan  @_markmo_

Rapid Fire Live Demos!

-- Andy Thompson  @R41nM4kr

 -- Fundementals of Infosec

 -- 0dayAllday

-- HHV


Ur Shellz Belong to AWS: Pentesting challenges against serverless environments

-- Mark Clayton  @bullz3ye

Gray(log) is the New Black

-- Megan Roddie  @megan_roddie

The Secret Weapon to Fight InfoSec FUD

-- Olivia Stella  @OliviaCurls

-- 0dayAllday

-- HHV

1230 -- Lunch

-- Lunch

-- Lunch

-- Lunch


Singing the Blues: When Blue Team Kicks the Red Team's Arse

-- Tinker  @tinkersec

Radio hacking 101: a case study in how to DoS the global APRS network

-- Michael West  @t3hub3rk1tten

Pseudorandom Meta Threat Intelligence.

TL;DR - Lessons  Learned from the Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report

-- Walter Abeson  @thesaltr

-- Pwn School Project: Web App Pentesting

 -- 0dayAllday

-- HHV


Vigilante Forensics

-- @Litmoose

Herding Happy Sheep - Securing an Open Environment

-- Chris Mercer  @zaimorkai

Dora Explores the Fascinating World of


-- DoraTexplorer  @doratexplorer17

-- Pwn School Project: Web App Pentesting

 -- 0dayAllday

-- HHV


Dockerized Tooling for IH/IR

-- Chris Rooney  @Renegade0x6

Staying Offensive: The Changing Landscape of Offense

-- Tim Medin  @TimMedin

Community Panel

 -- @DFW_InfoSec / @utdcsg /

@Dallas_Hackers / @ISSAFortWorth /

@DC214DFW / @OWASPDallas / 

@Hack_FtW  / @SchoolPwn / @ntxissa  /

@isc2DFW / @ntxcsg

-- 0dayAllday

-- HHV


Reverse Engineering Ransomware - A Guided Tour

-- Wesley McGrew  @McGrewSecurity

Building an Empire With (Iron)Python

-- Jim Shaver @elitest

Community Panel cont. 

-- HHV


-- Closing - in Chill-Out -- Closing - in Chill-Out -- Closing - in Chill-Out -- Closing - in Chill-Out



Un-Conference Activities


Reception -  We are crashing the Dallas 2600 meeting.  Friday 2 Nov 2018 7:30 til whenever.

     Join us at The Wild Turkey, Southeast corner of 35E and Walnut Hill, 2470 Walnut Hill Ln Dallas, TX 75229


Hardware Hacking Village - hosted by @alt_bier

     Competition details - http://altbier.us/HHV2018/

     ## Morning

     * TALK 45min "Hardware Hacking 101" by init6

         * An introduction to hardware hacking.

     * TALK 45min "Making #badgelife - DFW Hacker Badge" by alt_bier

         * A walk through of PCB design using Fritzing and an overview of the DFW Hacker Badge design.

     * TALK & LIVE DEMO 45min "TAP all the Things" by alt_bier

         * How to use a LAN TAP (the BSides badge) on a connection and wireshark for packet analysis.

     ## Afternoon

     * TALK 45min "Hardware Hacking 101" by init6

         * An introduction to hardware hacking.

     * TALK 45min "Making #badgelife - BSides Badge" by alt_bier

         * A walk through of PCB design using Kicad and an overview of the BSidesDFW Badge design.


Lockpick Village - hosted by @LockpixNLipstix


Scavenge-The-Flag - Hosted by @LockpixNLipstix @Cryptolingus


Capture-The-Flag - hosted by @PrevadeLLC


Capture-The-Flag - hosted by @ntxissa / @TeknowCS 


Reverse Engineering Workshop - hosted by @0Dayallday

     Hands-on guided exploration of code and hardware.

     How to submit for CVEs



Security Fundamentals Workshop - hosted by @JacenRKohler

     *  Threat modeling basics

     *  Definitions of common terms

     *  Bell LaPadula

     *  Biba Integrity Model

     *  Chinese Wall

     *  CIA Security Triad


Web App Pentesting Workshop - hosted by @SchoolPwn


After-Party - Las Ranitas, Northwest corner of 75 and Spring Valley

     812 S Central Expy, Richardson, TX 75080




BSidesDFW 2018 Coordinators




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