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Coronavirus COVID-19 Resource Page

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates:


Confirmed BSides event postponements:

BSides Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia) postponed from 4 April, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BSidesLjubljana and https://0x7e4.bsidesljubljana.si/ for announcements

BSides Charm (Baltimore, MD, USA) postponed from April 4-5, now scheduled for September 5-6. See https://twitter.com/BSidesCharm and https://www.bsidescharm.org/ for announcements

BSides Austin (Austin, TX, USA) postponed from 7-10 April, now scheduled for 10-11 December, 2020. See https://twitter.com/BSidesAustin and http://bsidesaustin.com/ for announcements

BSidesOK (Tulsa, OK, USA) postponed from April 8-10, new dates July 22-24. See https://twitter.com/BsidesOK and https://www.bsidesok.com/ for announcements

BSides Orlando (Orlando, FL, USA) postponed from April 10-11, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BsidesORL and https://2020.bsidesorlando.org/ for announcements

BSides Seattle (Seattle, WA, USA) postponed from April 18, new date: October 24th. See https://www.bsidesseattle.com/2020-notifications for announcements

BSides Iowa (Des Moines, IA, USA) postponed from April 18, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BSidesIowa and https://bsidesiowa.com/ for announcements

BSides Chattanooga (Chattanooga, TN, USA) postponed from April 18, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BSidesCHA for announcements

BSides Boulder (Boulder, CO, USA) postponed from April 18, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BSidesBoulder and https://bsidesboulder.org/home/ for announcements

BSidesCMH (Columbus, OH, USA) postponed from April 19-21, new date not set, See https://twitter.com/BSidesColumbus and https://www.bsidescolumbus.com/ for announcements

BSides AMS (Amsterdam, Netherlands) postponed from 21 April, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BSidesAMS and https://www.bsidesams.nl/ for announcements

BSides Liverpool (Liverpool, UK) postponed from 25 April, tentative new date 21 November. See https://twitter.com/BsidesLivrpool and https://bsidesliverpool.com/ for announcements

BSides Vitória (Vitória, Brazil) postponed from 25 April, new date not set. See http://bsides.vix.br/ for announcements

BSides Munich (Munich, Bavaria, Germany) postponed from 26-17 April, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BSidesMunich and https://www.bsidesmunich.org/ for announcements

BSides Calgary (Calgary, AB, Canada) postponed from 30 April, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/bsides_calgary and https://www.bsidescalgary.org/ for announcements

BSides Canberra (Canberra, Australia) cancelled 1-2 May, 2020 event, will be 9-10 April, 2021. See https://twitter.com/BSidesCbr and https://www.bsidesau.com.au/ for announcements.

BSidesRGV (Rio Grande Valley, McAllen, TX) postponed from May2, new date not set. See http://www.securitybsides.com/w/page/138014721/BSidesRGV and https://twitter.com/bsidesrgv for announcements

BSides Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) postponed from 8 May, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BarcelonaBsides and https://bsides.barcelona/ for announcements

BSidesKC (Kansas City, MO, USA) postponed from May 8-9, new date October 16-17. See https://twitter.com/_BSidesKC and https://bsideskc.org/ for announcements

BSides Nashville (Nashville, TN, USA) postponed from May 9, new date October 3. See https://twitter.com/bsidesnash and https://bsidesnash.org/ for announcements

BSides Oslo (Oslo, Norway) postponed from 13 May, now planned for November, date TBD. See https://twitter.com/OsloBSides and https://bsidesoslo.no/ for announcements

BSidesStuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany) postponed from 18-20 May, 2020 until 2021, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BSidesStuttgart and https://www.bsidesstuttgart.org/ for announcements

BSides Rijeka (Rijeka, Croatia) postponed from 22 May, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BSidesRijeka and https://www.bsidesrijeka.com/ for announcements

BSides Amman (Amman, Jordan) postponed from 30 May, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BSidesAmman and https://www.bsidesamman.org/ for announcements

BSides London (London, UK) postponed from 2-3 June, new dates 23-24 October. See https://twitter.com/BSidesLondon and https://www.securitybsides.org.uk/ for announcements

BSidesPGH (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) postponed from June 26, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BSidesPGH and https://www.bsidespgh.com/ for announcements

BSides Brisbane (Brisbane, Australia) postponed from 27 June, new date 12 December. See https://twitter.com/Bsides_BNE and https://bsidesbrisbane.com/ for announcements

BSidesNH (Manchester, NH, USA) postponed from June 27, new date not set. See https://twitter.com/BSidesNH and https://www.bsidesnh.com/ for announcements


BSides Events changed to Virtual-Only

BSides Knoxville (Knoxville, TN, USA) will be a virtual event on May 1 instead of an in-person conference. See https://twitter.com/BSidesKnoxville and https://www.10-sec.org/bsides-knoxville for announcements

BSidesPorto (Porto, Portugal) will be a virtual event on 23 July, See https://twitter.com/bsidesporto and https://www.bsidesporto.com/ for announcements


BSides Tallahassee (Tallahassee, FL, USA) Status is Pending


Information for Event Organizers:

  • Check with your venue and local authorities for guidance on gatherings and appropriate precautions, and review the guidance below.
  • Be aware that event insurance may have exclusions for COVID-19, your event may not be covered for cancellations or related expenses. Check your insurance policies for coverage and exclusions.
  • If you use Eventbrite they recently changed policies, and are (thus far) inflexible on deadlines, check the current policies as they apply to your event.
  • Review your cancellation and refund policies in all of your documentation.
  • Make sure you have plans for addressing the questions and concerns of your participants, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and staff.
  • Communicate your plans and changes clearly, and regularly. 
  • Check with your venue and vendors, confirm cancellation and postponement policies, in writing.
  • John Strand shared good info about the decision to move WWHackinFest to virtual in this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/strandjs/status/1237535947949887488?s=20





The information below is no longer being maintained, while some may still be relevant, please check with local and national resources for the latest information.  

COVID-19 Informational Resources

Note: this page is not meant as medical or legal advice, please consult the appropriate medical or government resources for guidance. 

World Health Organization (WHO) Coronavirus (COVID-19) information page: 



Interim Guidance from the US CDC on Mass Gatherings or Large Community Events:


Communication Resources from the US CDC:



EU ECDC Coronavirus COVIC-19 pages: https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/coronavirus


Disinfecting products and guidance from US CDC and EPA:




Comprehensive Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboards: https://avatorl.org/covid-19/


Map of resources by US state and territory: https://www.burgessct.com/2020/03/16/covid-19-where-do-i-find-information-for-me/


Las Vegas Preparedness:


Southern Nevada Health District Resources:



Lists of Cancelled Events:

ZDNet: https://www.zdnet.com/article/gartner-cancels-events-dell-world-goes-virtual-due-to-coronavirus-2020-tech-conference-cancellations-and-travel-bans/

IT World Canada: https://www.itworldcanada.com/article/complete-list-of-tech-events-cancelled-or-postponed-due-to-covid-19/428209


Additional Information on COVID-19:

Our World in Data: https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus

Internet Book of Critical Care: https://emcrit.org/ibcc/covid19/


Information from national health authorities:

Algeria: http://www.sante.gov.dz/coronavirus/coronavirus-2019.html

Australia: https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert

Belgium: https://www.belgium.be/en/news/2020/coronavirus_outbreak_current_status

Bolivia: https://www.minsalud.gob.bo/3970-conoce-recomendaciones-sintomas-y-mitos-sobre-el-coronavirus

Brazil: https://www.saude.gov.br/component/tags/tag/coronavirus

Canada: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19.html

China: http://en.nhc.gov.cn/

Croatia: https://vlada.gov.hr/koronavirus

Denmark: https://www.sst.dk/da/viden/smitsomme-sygdomme/smitsomme-sygdomme-a-aa/coronavirus/spoergsmaal-og-svar/questions-and-answers

Ecuador: https://www.salud.gob.ec/el-ministerio-de-salud-publica-del-ecuador-msp-informa-situacion-coronavirus/


Germany: https://www.rki.de/DE/Home/homepage_node.html

Hong Kong: https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/index.html

Hungary: http://www.health.go.ke/covid-19/

India: https://www.mohfw.gov.in/

Indonesia: https://www.kemkes.go.id/article/view/20012900002/Kesiapsiagaan-menghadapi-Infeksi-Novel-Coronavirus.html

Ireland: https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/coronavirus.html

Israel: https://govextra.gov.il/ministry-of-health/corona/corona-virus-en/

Italy: http://www.salute.gov.it/nuovocoronavirus

Japan: https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/seisakunitsuite/bunya/newpage_00032.html

Jordan: https://www.moh.gov.jo/

Netherlands: https://www.rivm.nl/nieuws/actuele-informatie-over-coronavirus

Norway: https://helsenorge.no/koronavirus

Poland: https://www.gov.pl/web/koronawirus

Slovenia: https://www.gov.si/en/topics/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/

Spain: https://www.mscbs.gob.es/en/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/nCov-China/home.htm

Sweden: https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/smittskydd-beredskap/utbrott/aktuella-utbrott/covid-19/

Switzerland: https://www.bag.admin.ch/bag/en/home/krankheiten/ausbrueche-epidemien-pandemien/aktuelle-ausbrueche-epidemien/novel-cov.html

Turkey: https://www.saglik.gov.tr/

UK: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/



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