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BSidesDFW 2020




Security B-Sides Dallas/Fort Worth (BSidesDFW) is back for its 11th year, sort of...

Due to all things that are the homerically stupendous dumpster fire of 2020 we are officially going virtual.



Follow us on
Twitter: @BSidesDFW 




When:  07 Nov 2020

Where:  a URL yet to be determined



Cost: Free (for now)

Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: "#BSidesDFW2020"



BSidesDFW 2020 Registration:

Registration?  We don't need no stinking registration.

Speaker Tracks and Chat will be via Discord -->  


Individual Activities May Require A Unique Registration:

Point3 Security CTF (Intermediate/Advanced) -->  https://ittakesahuman.com/lp/BSidesDFW.html  



Prevade Cybersecurity CTF -->  https://bsidesdfw.metaform.app  



Pentester Academy Network PenTesting Workshop --> PreReg Sold Out.


Hardware Hacking Village -->




BSidesDFW 2020 Hotel(s):

It's virtual



BSidesDFW 2020 CFP is now closed.

Opened 27 Jul 2020

Submission Deadline is 24:00 CDT 14 Sep 2020.

Event will be virtual.

We look forward to all the amazing ideas.


Thanks to everyone that submitted a paper!




BSidesDFW 2020 Sponsorship

** NOTE: With the current situation of events we are not actively soliciting traditional sponsorships, however if you wish to financially support the organization we are making the information available.


The 2020 Sponsorship Kit is now available on Google Drive https://v.gd/9QZ4Ep


If you represent a company and are interested in supporting BSidesDFW please contact us.

bsidesdfw [at] gmail [dot] com



Sponsorship Levels
See the above linked PDF file for details

WAYFARER:  $500, Join the family and get recognized

ROVER:  $1,000 Make it last and get monochrome logo printed on T-Shirt

PATHFINDER:  $2,000 Be interactive - claim a booth or co-branded schwag (limited availability)

TRAILBLAZER:  $3,000 Stand out with a premium T-Shirt logo or Badge&Lanyard

ADVENTURER:  $4,000 Leave a mark - wrap a podium, name a room, or feed the masses



A huge Thank You! to our BSidesDFW 2020 Sponsors




Point3 Security Inc.



Pentester Academy



Prevade Cybersecurity



Pwn School Project



Alt Bier



Weebo Inc.



Hacking Is Not A Crime




BSidesDFW 2020 Schedule


Speaker Tracks

** Schedule is subject to change



07 Nov 2020

Track One (1)


Track Two (2)




Hardware Hacking Village


0800 or Whenever -- Get Jacked In
-- Get Jacked In
-- Get Jacked In
-- Get Jacked In


-- Opening Remarks

-- Opening Remarks

-- Opening Remarks

-- Opening Remarks

"Your Phone Hates You"


-- Mark Loveless



"Managing Misfits: Lessons Learned

from a decade leading a penetration testing team."


-- Krissy Safi

-- Nick Britton



Network Penetration Testing Workshop

"Pwning Networks: An Introduction to Network Pentesting Workshop"

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to detect and exploit

vulnerabilities using automated and manual techniques against

Windows and Linux operating systems.

HHV Live Q&A with @Alt_Bier


"Dissecting and Comparing different Binaries to Malware Analysis"


-- Filipi Pires



"Chasing a red team from the dressing room into the cloud"


-- Tyler Fornes



Network Penetration Testing Workshop, cont.
@PhillipWylie of The Pwn School Project delivered via Pentester Academy

Access to the workshop uses Google for authentication.

HHV Live Q&A cont.

"Threat Hunting: Where Evil Hides"


-- Amberlee Reynolds


"A Drop of Jupyter: A Modular Approach to Penetration Testing"


-- Omar Bheda


-- Nate Kirk


-- Cody Ruscigno


-- x -- break

"Automating Threat Hunting on the Dark Web and other nitty-gritty things"


-- Apurv Singh Gautam



"Who’s Driving This Thing?  Hacking AI"


-- pesto




-- x

HHV Live Q&A with @Alt_Bier

"I broke in, now what? Linux manual privilege escalation 101."


-- Melina Phillips

linkedin melinaphillips-cissp


"Modern Web Application Vulnerabilities (on the perimeter right now)"


-- Cary Hooper



-- x

HHV Live Q&A cont.


"What the DLL is happening?  A practical approach to identifying SOH."


-- Frank McClain


"Hey I Hacked Your Skimmer"


-- Caleb Davis

-- Zain Husain


-- x

-- break


-- Closing  -- Closing  -- x  -- Winners Reveal



Un-Conference Activities


Reception - TBD


Hardware Hacking Village - hosted by @alt_bier  /  http://altbier.us/

     Reg: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdpccFxc39Qxx_9vE5isJuTm0bxbKJUGPoStEjjDIERXNL8yQ/viewform  SOLD OUT

     Video Content:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC986BzRchhp4fKb9zLjqvUA  7.5 hours of hardware and soldering goodness.

     Prizes:  Raspberry Pi 4 complete start set  /  Digital Multimeter  /  MSStack Core IOT Devleopment kit


Lockpick Village - Text Channel in Discord


Capture-The-Flag (CTF) - hosted by @point3sec

     Intermediate to Advanced Levels.

     Reg: https://ittakesahuman.com/lp/BSidesDFW.html

     Prizes: Access to Point3 Security Inc. Escalate learning platform.  12 month / 6 month / 3 month.


Capture-The-Flag (CTF) - hosted by @PrevadeLLC

     Reg: https://bsidesdfw.metaform.app

     Prizes: Offensive Security 30-day lab extension voucher with 10% PWK registration discount.


Scavenger Hunt - In Discord (maybe)


Network Penetration Testing Workshop  - hosted by @SecurityTube and @SchoolPwn

     Reg: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pwning-networks-workshop-bsides-dfw-2020-tickets-124951722967 SOLD OUT

     Pentester Academy lab environment uses Google for authentication.


After-Party - Your Backyard




BSidesDFW 2020 Coordinators





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Please use the tag #BSidesDFW2020 for content related to this event.




30-day lab extension voucher with 10% PWK registration discount

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