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BSides Stories

As of February 2022, there have been 715 BSides events around the world, hosted in 197 cities spanning 55 countries.
Through all of those events we have heard many success stories, talks given, projects launched, friendships made, careers accelerated, and much more.


Here are some of the stories we have collected


@InfoSecSherpa (Tracy Z. Maleeff)
The world is a better place because of Security BSides. It was a great way for me to get an introduction to InfoSec and has helped me tremendously over the years. I've tried to give back when I can and speak or volunteer at events.

BSides has a special place in my heart. BSides Chicago was the first infosec event I ever went to, The first CTF I ever tried and the first conference I ever spoke at. It introduced me to people who helped mentor me and encouraged me to help me get where I am today.


@marvthegrate (Marv White)
My current role came about through a friendship that began at my 3rd ever BSides event. The people I've met at BSidesSLC, BSides Raleigh, and BSides Boise are among the most talented and passionate in the industry.

@Cyber_Cox Chris Cox
On a personal level, I remember when I spoke one year about the intersection between technology and abuse. I took my youngest son, but didn't tell him I was speaking. He had a great time, especially in the lockpicking events. He came in 4th, first time! I was so proud. But when it was time for my talk, I told him that I wanted to go to a session and wanted him to come. He was reluctant, he was having fun, but he came along. We sat in almost the front row and just chatted for a while. When it was time for me to go up, I told him, "hold on, I need to do something real quick," then I walked up on the stage, got set up, and started speaking. His face started with confusion, then surprise, then maybe a bit of pride. The whole audience was great, but that young teen was right there engaging and laughing at my bad jokes When I was done, he had a lot of questions both about my talk and even more about the event. It was a great moment we shared, and I can't wait to take him again.

I starting writing infosec guides during lockdown, and despite making some online friends I didn't really feel like I was part of a community. It wasn't until BSides London last November that I felt that community. I learnt a lot, met some really cool people, and had a lot of fun.


BSides has been a consistent source of learning, friends, and happy memories for me.


The security industry wouldn't be where it is today and many people wouldn't have started security without BSides.


@wendynather Wendy Nather
I couldn’t even tell you how many people I’ve met through B-Sides. I can’t imagine my life without B-Sides. That is all.


@1MrStoner John Stoner
I can't even explain how important BSides has been for me since my initial presentation at @BSides_NoVA in 2018. BSides are so critical for the INFOSEC community and to me personally. Thank you to all who run and volunteer at these amazing events.

I love the BSides movement.  Many Eons ago was how I first met @sidragon and we’ve been friends since.

In short, they’ve changed me completely. I’ve been able to attend in 5 different places, and have been fortunate to speak in 2 countries. The confidence, friends, connections, and knowledge shared literally changed my career, and really my life.


BSides has been great for me and my students!  Many of them attended, volunteered, made friends, and got jobs.  BSides has the best people, no barriers, and no marketing or corporate flim-flam.

Elizabeth Wharton
Amazing how this spark of an idea has become a worldwide wildfire…. Some of my first talks/presentations were thanks to BSidesLV (including a joint presentation w/ @dewzi at the very first one).

@davidrook  David Rook
A very valuable addition to the world. Love that I got speak at the first one, several in London and soon to be sponsoring Dublin.

13 years, 55 countries, 197 cities, and 715 BSides events later, we still won't hack your ex's facebook. ;)
BSidesLV changed my life. (I'm a CON ARTIST, now!) I've made friends with the most kind, genuine, and impressive people through Security BSides.

I couldn’t possibly explain all the ways BSides has changed, and probably saved, my life. Career, deep friendships, the feeling of contributing to my community. I’m tearing up trying to think of how to describe it.


@6502_ftw Dave, 2022 edition
I am 100% better off for BSides existing. I’m definitely not a Big Con kind of person, and the local BSides shows in the mid-Atlantic region are just the perfect size for me, especially because I can bring the kids! I even got to give a talk at BSidesDC 2018, which was wonderful.
The whole atmosphere is so much more friendly and low-key than even medium-sized “destination” cons; I find it a lot easier to get through my unease with crowds and the organizers are always super approachable. I can’t recommend them enough.

@SamVR Sam Van Ryder
I have stories from the BSides LV event at the mansion with all the pools. What a blast! Still have the Tripwire towel too!

So much happiness and professional/personal growth because of BSides.


I don't know where I would be now if not for Security BSides and BsidesDC. 13 years ago, I was working a job I hated. A lucky break put me in infosec, but a bourbon tasting led to a chance meeting that started me volunteering. I have lifelong friends & a career from it.

BSides SF is why I'm in security today

Pablo Breuer, Ph.D.
BSides has managed to catch lightning in a jar. It is one of the few events that is both global and yet feels like visiting a small community of friends. It is the one event I can universally recommend to anyone who wants to join the infosec community or is already a member.

Pete Hillier, CD, CISSP
By far, THE best cybersec/Infosec/ITsec networking events ever. I'm not a big fan of the big cons.

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