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Organize an Event

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Here we say it takes many hands to build something great.  When you are organizing a BSides event it is helpful to assign roles and responsibilities to verify tasks are completed without overlap.


Roles and Responsibilities

The following are a proposed set of roles and responsibilities.  For larger events you many have a different person for each role, while smaller events will have 2-3 people working multiple roles.  We outline each of them because more important than the title are the tasks that (may) need to be completed.


:: Operations Manager ::

  • Need minimum of 1 day, preferably 2 days of prep time to implement/setup any necessary A/V or networking gear.
  • Coordinate Event Staff list with name/number/responsibility
  • Formalize communication standards (Radios or cell phones)
  • Aggregate lists from all other team members to create an overall task list for the event, manage and drive the resolution of all open issues


:: Venue Manager ::

  • Works with Venue to ensure all basic requirements venue are met and the venue doesn't throw us out
  • Coordinates insurance of venue
  • Purchases Whiteboards/paper/pens/markers
  • Cleaning products (Paper towels/rags/cleaning spray/etc)
  • Creates Shopping lists for Cups/forks/spoons/plates and all required food and beverage for the event
  • Registration Desk
    • Needs table, chair, laptop, paper, pen, badges and other swag to hand out at the door.
    • Minimum 2 shifts.


:: Schedule/Speaker Coordinator ::

  • Obtain contact information (email and phone) for presenters
  • Ensures all speakers are aware of when and where they are expected to present
  • Ensures that any changes in the schedule will be communicated and rescheduled accordingly
  • Obtain copies of all speaker presentations 48 hours prior to day of event
  • Works with Technical Lead and team to determine speaker needs (Special recording instructions, special connectivity etc)


:: Marketing and Communications ::

  • 2-3+ months of active planning/marketing/promo of event
  • Sponsorships package creation and notification
  • Swag (Stuff we all get, vendor or otherwise), Ordering event shirts or other gear to give away/sell, Printed schedules
  • Determine Sponsor payment deadline before making any gear with sponsor names on it
  • Continually reach out to the community and inform people of updates and changes
  • Maintain the website, including determining when capacity has been reached and cutting off registration
  • Badge creation


:: Treasurer ::

  • Keep track of donations and sponsorships
  • Keep track of all receipts and reimbursements
  • Collect on sponsor payments
  • Manage PayPal account
  • Provide accounting for all funds post-event


:: Event / Onsite Security ::

  • Need to be familiar with Venue layout and staff.
  • Need to ensure no damage occurs to the facility
  • Ensure that no member of the conference causes intentional destruction and notifies operations manager in the event of occurrence.
  • Venue must be attended to 100% of the time


:: Technical Lead ::

  • Coordinates and ensures ALL necessary hardware to pull off the event is available and transported to the venue
  • Tape/cable management
  • Ensures no cables or equipment will cause any danger to attendees or venues (No extension cables wrapped in plastic/cardboard please)
  • Configure audio and video
  • Train other staff in using all equipment
  • Ensure all devices are functioning properly during event
  • Familiar with and implement all networking/wireless hardware
  • Ensure that all attendees know of the connectivity
  • Monitor the network for intrusions/bandwidth hogs


:: Volunteer Coordinator ::

  • Solicit and organize the list of volunteers for undocumented tasks (goons, volunteer labor, vendors, etc.)
  • Maintain list of all contact information
  • Coordinate volunteer shifts (event registration booth, goon duty, set-up & tear-down duty, on-call staff members, etc.)
  • Provide more formally defined schedules and maintain a streamlined communication flow for any changes in transport
  • Work with other Roles to identify necessary resources and assign volunteer staff to them


:: Sponsor/Vendor Manager ::

  • Maintain contact list of all vendors (food, beverage, facilities)
  • Solicit food and beverage sponsor
  • Solicit venue sponsor


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