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See BSidesGSOTalks for detailed explanations of the talks!


Event details

We're looking to have a very informal event. Natty Greene's is a brewpub in downtown Greensboro. Their third story is a completely rentable loft with its own bar, and anteroom for some conversations, as well as a small conference room that we're looking to make into a lockpick village (thanks to the guys at FALE ). As well there are two remaining floors of the pub for folks to have side conversations.


We're very open to topics for presentation - any and all submissions are welcome!


When: Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Where: Natty Greene's Loft, Greensboro, NC: Loft Info (see Page 2); Natty Greene's Info

Cost: Free (as always!)

RSVP: Please register at http://bsidesgso.eventbrite.com/ - space is limited!


Please email dennis.kuntz [ at ] gmail.com or mjezorek [ at ] gmail.com for more info


Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: "#BSidesGSO - Greensboro, NC Mar 9, 2011: Discover the next big thing!"


Theme (CFT):

Every conference needs a theme, post your theme ideas below. 


  • "I'm not only here to drink beer" - @mattjezorek








Start Time  Presenter  Topic
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM  

Start Time

  • Registration
  • Opening Remarks
10:30 AM Bob Usher
Do you trust your security vendors?
  • RFC 2544 – "Smoke and Mirrors" 
  • Why vendors get a bad rap
  • Your career depends on bad quality – don't worry, you're safe
  • What  does "we block that" really mean
  • Moving toward the fix – you have the power
11:15 AM Dave Matusiak  How to get the most from your information security consultant 
11:30 AM 11:30 Snack to be served
12:30 PM Jeff Mercer  DeepMac, An Intelligence Database for Machine Identification
1:45 PM Dennis Kuntz Mining Images for PII Using Command-Line OCR
2:30 PM 2:30 Snack to be served
2:45 PM Ryan Linn Hacking Management Through Show and Tell
4:00 PM FALE Into to Lockpicking - Clamkit key impressioning - Basic Arduino Maglock Implementation





  • Matt Jezorek (@mattjezorek)
  • Dennis Kuntz (@denniskuntz)




  • Matt Jezorek
  • Dennis Kuntz
  • David Matusiak
  • You? 




A very special thank you to our sponsors, without whom these events would not be possible. Please be sure to thank them at the event! 




Carolina Advanced Digital


Global Sponsor









Name  Twitter/Email  Day 1 
Matt Jezorek  mjezorek [at] gmail.com 
Dennis Kuntz dennis.kuntz [at] gmail.com X
David Matusiak @matusiak / david.matusiak [at] gmail.com X




Task List




Projector, White Boards




Streaming or Stickam or Skype or Ustream or Livestream



Tables and chairs

Lock Down Venue


Set up Registration

Organize Setup Time 



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