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This page is on our 2012 event. Interested in attending BSides Detroit 13? Please click here to this year's event.


BSidesDetroit Logo  


BSides Detroit 12 Information:



Friday - Saturday

June 1-2, 2012




Renaissance Conference Center

GM Renaissance Center

Tower 300 Level 2

Detroit, MI 48243




Free (as always!)



Click here for this year's talks













If you would like to attend, please register for a ticket via our Eventbrite page: http://bsidesdetroit.eventbrite.com or by registering via the form at the bottom of this page.


We are very proud to announce that Renaissance Conference Center will host BSidesDetroit 2012! You'll note GM Renaissance Center's prominent presence in the skyline from our logo.



BSidesDetroit: Facilitating the Security Conversation


BSides Detroit brings the BSides community to a new level and to a place it has never been before: The Destination Conference.


Having a destination security conference in Detroit is about bringing people from all over the country to Detroit, to talk about technical and non-technical topics, to educate and advance the industry in a location that doesn't get much in the way of security conferences, but has a relatively large number of IT and security professionals and students who call it home. 


Participants. BSides Detroit brings the unconference style to information security meet-ups. BSides is about making a conference of, by, and for the participants. Above all, though, we aim to create community, and to facilitate networking.


Speakers. We like speakers, specifically new and local speakers, not necessarily the people who are all over every other conference. We like content, specifically new and emerging content, and not necessarily the stuff that is all over the media.  BSides Detroit is about sharing material frankly, honestly, and directly, for the purpose of informing, educating, and continuing the conversation. 


Sponsors. BSides Detroit’s structure creates a higher degree of engagement. Sponsoring takes your message beyond the vendor booths. BSides Detroit takes your engagement beyond passing out swag, goodies, and tchotchkes. Our sponsors send technical staff and thought leaders who discuss real world problems and offer practical solutions. Be prepared to be a part of the conference, sharing ideas, meeting people, and interacting with the local community. Be prepared to be blown away by BSides Detroit.



The Call for Presenters closed April 30, 2012. Click here to view the submitted talks.


When: June 1-2


Renaissance Conference Center

GM Renaissance Center

Tower 300 Level 2

Detroit, MI 48243

Cost: Free (as always!)

RSVP: http://bsidesdetroit.eventbrite.com



Engage the community



The local Rats and Rogues podcast is hosting weekly #BSidesDetroit episodes. Listen in as speakers, sponsors, and volunteers discuss what it takes to put on BSides Detroit.



Please click here if you wish to blog about the event, or help publicize something awesome.



As a result of BSides Detroit 2011, we created the #MiSec channel on the Freenode IRC network. #MiSec is for uniting Michigan people interested in discussing security and developing a stronger community fabric. All are welcome.


Tags for flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc:

Please use the tag #BSidesDetroit for content related to this event. Click here to see what folks are tweeting about #BSidesDetroit.




Your company's name would look great here. Help create something awesome.






Engage the Audience
  Arbor Networks
Above & Beyond



Core Supporter



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Our theme is the Motor City:


  • Expect things to be influenced by this. Talk selection will not be, however.








We need folks that are willing to monitor the A/V equipment during the talks, help with Registration Check-in and ID check, room monitors, roaming security, load-in/set-up, clean-up, tear-down/load-out. You get the picture. We'll have an official sign-up schedule up sometime in May, but until then, please just select a volunteer ticket when you register, and we'll contact you when it is time to organize the duties roster.


if you are just really eager to help right now, please click here.





BSides Detroit has a number of workshops. These are limited seating and require a separate ticket from your general administration.


SecBiz Workshop - Bridging the Security/Business Gap. Too many security professionals struggle for relevance in their organizations. The primary reason for much of this struggle is the significant disconnect between the goals of protecting the business, and actually conducting business. After countless conversations with security professionals in organizations large and small, it has become apparent that the security community needs a course on aligning security and business values, and understanding exactly what you’re protecting before you can answer how. If you’re frustrated, and feel disconnected from the business you serve as a security professional you need to be in this workshop. In a collaborative environment we will work through your organization’s goals, your actual security objectives and give you the tools and perspective to be a better agent of change, and to allow you to understand what it is you’re protecting before you start to formulate a strategy of how. In the spirit of Security BSides, there will be no spectators so if you sign up, please be ready to participate, and have as much of the pre-work ready as possible. Workshop tickets available here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3516793825


Forensics Challenge. The challenge will begin with a Windows XP machine that has been seen doing "strange activity". You will be given an image of the infected system and then will need to find possible infected files and then analyze what they might do. Workshop tickets available here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3516605261


Introduction to MetaSploit. The class will begin with the basics of using the Metasploit Framework. We will continue on following the penetration test methodology to use Metasploit to exploit vulnerable systems in a lab. Students will learn to exploit provided systems as well as test their knowledge in a CTF style challenge at the end of class. This class is suitable for those with no background in Metasploit or penetration testing as well as penetration testers who want to add the Metasploit Framework to their arsenal. Workshop tickets available here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3508501021


Pentest Basics with Armitage. This course is designed to demonstrate how to perform a basic pen-test using Armitage.   This course is intended for students with no prior pen-testing experience.   We will begin the course by demonstrating how to enumerating an IP range to discover machines on the network.  Next we will demonstrate how to discover vulnerabilities and show how to exploit them to obtain shell.  We will follow this by demonstrating how to explore the compromised machines file system, how to upload or download files and how to capture keystrokes all though a very intuitive GUI. Workshop tickets available here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3516715591


Detroit Range Trip. We've rented the entire 10 lane, 25 yard indoor handgun range at Double Action Indoor Shooting Range in Madison Heights, from 11am-12pm on Friday, June 1st. We'll meet at 10am at BSides Detroit, then head up to the range from there. Range Trip tickets available here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3599272521



Dinners and After Parties


#misec BSides Detroit dinner. Matt Johnson (@mwjcomputing) is coordinating a dinner Thursday night before the BSides Detroit conference. Come on out to relax and network ahead of the main event. Please note is not a sponsored event and dinner's on your own tab. For details and to register, please see: http://misec-2012-bsides-dinner.eventbrite.com/


Friday after party reception. RedSeal Networks and Qualys are pleased to invite the attendees of Bsides Detroit to a reception on Friday evening. The reception will be held at BAR ONE in the Marriott hotel RenCenter, just down stairs from the conference. Please register for the reception if you are able to stay and spend some down time with your fellow Bsiders. For details and to register, please see:  http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3614937375










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