Third Annual Security Bsides Portland 

When: September 27, 2013

Where: Refuge PDX (


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Friday Schedule - Refuge PDX

800-845  Registration   
845-900  Welcome / Opening Remarks   
900-950  Keynote:  Brian Wilson - SoundCloud : Reversing the Brain Drain
1000-1050  Jeff Forristal - Android : One Root to Own Them All Justin Hoeckle - Re-Hashed : Passing The Hash Revisited
1100-1150  Ken Westin - Catching Thieves and Pedophiles with Metadata Jeff Bryner - All Your Social Media Are Belong to Volatility
1200-1320  Lunch   
1330-1350  Jeff Boerio - Have You Seen My IOC? Lauren Walters - How to Find the Right Cloud Vendor
1400-1450 Joe Fitzpatrick - USB Power Side Channel Attacks Rogan Creswick - Looking for Android App Collusion
1500-1550 Mickey / Toby - UART THOU MAD!? Andrew Whitaker - Getting Sinister With Smartphones

Andrew Furtak / Alex Bazhaniuk - Bypassing Secure Boot

Drew Porter - Communication for All : The Dusknet Project
1700-1750  Closing Ceremonies  
1900-2300  After Event Reception 


New! Workshops for Saturday have been set and registration is now open!

2 Workshops will be held at Flux on Saturday. Both workshops come with kits that attendees take home for the individual registration fee of $50.
Registration instructions and info for what to bring will be prepared shortly.


Saturday Schedule - Flux :


Joe FitzPatrick - Timing Sidechannel Attacks for Hardware N00bs

Built around an ultra low-cost kit of hardware hacking tools, this kit
comes with self-guided instructions stepping through the process of
conducting a timing side channel attack against a PIN validation system.
It is a subset of the Introductory Hardware Hacking Workshop, with the
objective to:

-Provide a beginner-level hardware hacking project with no soldering and
minimal flashing lights.
-Show exactly how cheap and feasible hardware attacks really are.
-Introduce some basic tools for hardware hacking


1300-1400 FOOD

Kenny McElroy - Introduction to exploring embedded devices 

Have you ever cracked apart a wireless access point, cable/dsl modem,
digital scale, or some other electronic device containing a whole mess
of mysterious chips that might just add up to the computing power of a
PC Junior?  Did you wonder just what the heck to do next?  Bring your
questions and answers for this workshop covering:

-Introduction to black box board reconnaissance.
-Meet the BusPirate
-Intro to UART: What it is, how to find it and how to use it.
-Intro to I2C: Same deal.
-As time allows, explore SPI and JTAG too!



What is Security Bsides Portland?

A gathering of the most interesting infosec minds in Portland and the Pacific Northwest! Our passion about all things security has driven attendance from other parts of the country. Our goal is to provide an open environment for the infosec community to engage in conversations, learn from each other and promote knowledge sharing and collaboration.  The Portland and greater Northwest information security community spans a broad spectrum of participation from CISOs, Fortune 100 company security experts, small business system admins, to independent security researchers.


Swag Hacking Contest!

Friday will feature a swag hacking contest.  This means throwing LEDs, glitter, EL Wire, whatever on the badge, lanyard, and various other BSides paraphernalia that will be given to attendees.  Some materials will be provided, but feel free to bring your own, to share or to hoard greedily for yourself.  Judging will happen at the end of the event, and the first place winner will get a 100 dollar gift certificate for adafruit, and runners up will get to choose out of a set of assorted no-starch books.


Lockpick Village

Come pick locks!  There will be a wide assortment of locks of various designs and security levels, and many kinds of picks to play with and learn to use.  All ages and skill sets are welcome!



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