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Call For Presenters (CFP) is now closed. Please try again next year.

BSidesLV 2012 will consist of three speaking tracks and one workshop track:

Track 1 - Breaking Ground : Bleeding edge discussions and hot button topics on

up and coming issues and the "Next Big Thing". Be prepared to engage your audience and have them engage you. Presentations should be prepared with a “give and take” conversational approach, not a “this is how it is” speech mentality. Bring your "A" game!


Track 2 - Proving Ground: An arena for speakers new to the scene to
find their voice in a public setting. Speakers applying for this track are strongly encouraged to participate in the
BSidesLV Mentorship Program and will be welcomed by the Board of Directors prior to acceptance. Please do not apply for this track if you have presented at a major conference before.


Track 3 - Underground: These will be off the record talks. Speakers and titles will only be announced at the conference or by the chosen speakers, themselves. Pseudonymity is encouraged and talks will not be recorded or streamed online. No press will be allowed entry and photography will not be tolerated. NDA's will be provided for the speakers who wish to request them from their audiences. This track will only be selected by the CFP committee and Board of Directors, it will not be put to public vote.

Track 4 - Training Ground: Half-day to two-day workshops or classes with a limit of 15 people per workshop. If you would like to offer a workshop for our participants, please submit your lesson plan for review, along with a synopsis suitable to put up for public vote.

Talks submitted to Proving Ground, Breaking Ground, and Training Ground will go through a two phase process. First they will be reviewed by the members of the CFP committee. Once approved by committee, talks that are accepted will be posted for anonymous public voting by registered attendees of BSidesLV 2012.

Additional notes: Talks previously presented elsewhere will not be accepted unless it can be demonstrated that the material is significantly different from the previous presentation. When in doubt, the CFP committee will give priority to material never presented anywhere. Special consideration will be given to lulz. Before submitting, know that BSidesLV is not in a position to offer compensation or stipends of any kind. Please do not submit to BSidesLV if you cannot afford to travel to Las Vegas to attend the conference. If you submit a talk that makes it to the public voting stage you will be guaranteed entry to BSidesLV2012 regardless of whether or not your talk is chosen. Please don't rush to submit your abstract. You have three months to work on it, take your time. We'd rather you submit your "Next Big Thing" two days before deadline, than give us something four months old.

**If you are submitting to BlackHat 2012, we'd prefer any submissions to BSidesLV be on a different subject. If your BSidesLV talk builds off of your BH2012 material, we will need you to prove that the content of both talks is substantially different before considering you for acceptance. Talks that are acccepted and fall into this category will be given priority for Thursday slotting, so as not to create schedule conflicts with BH2012 **

Submissions should include:

- The track name you are submitting for
- An abstract of your talk or workshop
- Have you presented before? Where/when?
- Has this material been presented elsewhere? If so, where and when?
(Please explain how this presentation is substantively different.)
- Has this paper been submitted to Black Hat 2012 or Defcon 20?
- Why do you want to present at BSidesLV?

Please note the following deadlines:

  • CFP Closes: 15June



  • Speakers announced: 05July
  • BSidesLV: July 25-26

The CFP Committee:

David Mortman
David Gessel
Meredith L. Patterson
Dan Kaminsky
Andrew Hay
Jeff Espinoza



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