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Registration is FULL!!


When: Saturday, December 15th, 2012



Microsoft City Center Building
555 110th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004 


Doors open at: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm


Call for Papers is CLOSED!

CFP OPEN:  October 2nd

CFP Close:  October 26th

Acceptance Notification/Schedule Complete: November 2nd



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[email protected]




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Above & Beyond 

   Black Lodge Research
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 Badging/Breakfast ***  Denotes a course requiring additional registration








   Keynote Speaker  









Hacking Non-Traditional Systems -Luis "connection" Santana

Arduino Class 



Intro to crypto attacks - David Marshall













  Hacking the Industry: From Hacker to Consultant -Sean Malone and Noah Beddome








  SSL++ : Tales of Transport Layer Security at Twitter -jim oleary @jimio












Lunch Panel            




  Getting Shit Done -Lori Woehler @msftlori

OWASP ZAP Tutorial - Yvan Boily




Lock Pick 101








Lock Pick Village open        




  Fuzzing 101 -Andy Renk








  Advanced Programming for Penetration Testers -Benson Kalahar and Tom Steele
Who's coming after the cookies in your cookie jar? [email protected]   




Privacy for Security: Dancing with Lawyers - Jason Shirk   




Panel: Security: Past, preseent and where the fucks my hoverboard? -Noid + Crew

Offensive Defense

-Stephan Chenette





Lock Pick Village Closed   




Closing statements  ( 10 minutes)             

























































































After Party Happy Hour Details:


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Offensive Defense Print E-mail

Cyber-criminals have had back-end infrastructures equivalent to Virus Total to test if malware and exploits are effective against AV scanners for many years, thus showing that attackers are proactively avoiding detection when building malware. In this day of age malicious binaries are generated on demand by server-side kits when a victim visits a malicious web page, making reliance solely on hash based solutions inadequate. In the last 15 years detection techniques have evolved in an attempt to keep up with attack trends. In the last few years security companies have looked for supplemental solutions such as the use of machine learning to detect and mitigate attacks against cyber criminals. Let's not pretend attackers can't bypass each and every detection technique currently deployed. Join me as I present and review current detection methods found in most host and network security solutions found today. We will re-review the defense in depth strategy while keeping in mind that a solid security strategy consists of forcing an attacker to spend as much time and effort while needing to know a variety of skills and technologies in order to successfully pull off the attack. In the end I hope to convince you that thinking defensively requires thinking offensively.

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