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BSidesSaoPaulo May2012

Event details


When: Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Where: Garoa Hacker Clube, São Paulo, Brazil

Cost: Free (as always!)

Registration is Closed: click here to access registration form


See conference page in Portuguese here


Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: "#BSidesSP May 6, 2012 at @garoahc: Brazilian hacking and barbecue! http://tinyurl.com/BSidesSPMay2012"



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About BSides Sao Paulo


BSidesSP is a one-day conference on information security and hacker culture, organized by Brazilian hakerspace Garoa Hacker Clube as a way to promote the exchange of information and the integration between security researchers, professionals, and students.


BSidesSP also represents the the first Security BSides in Latin America and the third edition of Garoa's "The Other Side Conference" (Co0L).


BSidesSP will take place on May 06, 2012 (Sunday), the day before You Sh0t the Sheriff (YSTS) conference, a traditional Brazilian security conference to be held on May 07 (Monday).


BSidesSP will be free of charge and wants to create a day full of activities to promote information security and hacker culture in the country, with various activities scheduled to take place simultaneously in four different tracks, including talks, debates, technical workshops and a Brazilian barbecue.





May 6, 2012 Track 1 - Talks
Track 2 - Talks
Track 3 - Workshops
Track 4 - Workshops


Exploração bizarra de recursos computacionais incomuns em software
2:00PM  TBA, Ivan Macalintal
Mobile Malware em Android 
Programando ferramentas de segurança em C 
2:50PM Reversing Patches for Exploit Creation, Pen-Testing or Just Fun! Penetration Test 
3:40PM Live Analisys: Tecnicas para coleta forense de memória
Malware falando a lingua do "J"




Criação de Exploits 

4:30PM VoIP X Wireshark - Quem te ligou e o que conversaram
FSJuicer detectando manipulações do sistema de arquivos NTFS
5:20PM Break 

Gerenciando o Mundo; Fun histories of world-classes SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and Security Intelligence tools implementation







Lockpicking Workshop




Assembly para Linux 

6:25PM Reverse Engineering: Everything you wanted to know about reverse engineering, but were too embarrassed to ask! 
7:15PM Lightning Talks


Note: Call For Papers is closed.






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  • Alberto Fabiano
  • Anchises de Paula
  • Ponai Rocha
  • Ranieri Romera 




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