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BsidesCincinnati 2015


2015 Details


When: July 25, 2015. 10am-6pm. Check-in starts at 9am.

Where: Cincinnati Museum Center at the historic Union Terminal

Cost: Free

Website: bsidescincy.org




  • Justin Hall
  • Ryan Hamrick 
  • Nate Hausrath 
  • Tony Hudson
  • Coleman Kane 
  • Chris Nyhuis 
  • Josh Ohmer 
  • Liam Randall
  • Mike Reiter 
  • Seth Chromick 




Tickets are free and available in limited quantities at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bsides-cincinnati-2015-cincinnati-museum-center-tickets-17236955197.


Call For Papers

CFP is closed!



KEYNOTE: 10am: Harlan Carvey, @keydet89 - Lateral Movement

11am: John Davison - @unixfreak0037 - Automated Detection Strategies

1pm: Jesse Lands - @usedtire - Powershell for Incident Responders, Analysts, and Pentesters

2pm: Coleman Kane - @colemankane - Building An Effective Cyber Intel Operation

3pm: Justin Hall - @justinhall - The Response-Ready Infrastructure

4pm: Mike Reeves - @toosmooth - A Distributed Computing Approach for Network Detection

5pm: Chris Tyo - @chris_tyo - The Value of a Simple DLP Program



Current sponsors:

General Electric

Ashland, Inc.


Puppet Labs




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